Best Proof-reading Software for Academic Excellence

TL;DR. The best proof-reading software can help you reduce errors and achieve academic excellence.  Read online reviews but test the tool – take advantage of trial periods to find the best proofreading software for yourself Run the experiment like a science project – start with clear hypotheses. Define your success criteria Proofreading is an integral … Read more

29 Best Mind Mapper Software for Academic Research

Mind Mapper Software

Academic research is hard. It’s hard to keep track of all the information you need for your paper, and it can be difficult to organize your thoughts into a coherent argument. Mind mapping software is the answer. With mind mapping tools, you’ll never have trouble finding what you’re looking for or organizing your thoughts again! … Read more

28 Best Academic Search Engines That make your research easier

Academic Search Engines

If you’re a researcher or scholar, you know that conducting effective online research is a critical part of your job. And if you’re like most people, you’re always on the lookout for new and better ways to do it.  I’m sure you are familiar with some research databases. But, top researchers keep an open mind … Read more

13 Best Academic Writing Tools For Researchers

Best Academic Writing Tools

For many people, the academic writing process can be a daunting and exhausting experience. Papers and reports can take hours or days to complete and require intense dedication to perfect. However, there are tools that can make the process much easier for those who need them most.  If you find yourself struggling with long-form writing … Read more

How to Add Symbols in LaTeX – Commands for LaTeX Greek Alphabet and More

Symbols in Latex

LaTeX is a popular document preparation software that allows you to create various forms of written content. It presents the final document with a professional appearance, and this makes it incredibly popular with scientists and mathematicians. Many documents require the use of special symbols. The good news is that there are many different symbols in … Read more

Top Psychology Journals – How to get published in 2021?

Top Psychology Journals

Do have a psychology research paper that you want to publish? Why not try publishing it in one of the top psychology journals? The journals below are known worldwide for their groundbreaking publishing in the field of psychology. You are likely to have the most impact on your paper if you publish in one of … Read more

How to Insert an Image in Latex – Managing Latex Figure and Picture

SCI015 Image in LaTeX

Image in latex are a vital part of many professional documents. These could be photos, graphs, charts, or figures that add value to the content they are accompanying.  The good news is that LaTeX offers many options for inserting figures and pictures into documents. This guide will teach you how to insert an image in … Read more

How to Create LaTeX tables

SCI019 Latex Tables

LaTeX tables Creating is a versatile document creation tool that allows you to present information in many different ways.  If you plan to include large quantities of data or information in your document, you may wish to include it in a table.  The good news is that LaTeX lets you create customized tables using a … Read more

How to Create Plots in Latex

Plots in Latex

One of the more advanced functions offers is the ability to create lots in Latex. You can create a variety of different plots in LaTeX depending on your needs. This includes 2D plots such as line plots and scatters plots and 3D plots such as contour plots and parametric plots.  Let’s look at how to … Read more

How to Create Glossaries in LaTeX 

Glossaries in LaTeX

Documents that contain a large number of terms or acronyms may require special Glossaries in LaTeX section at the end. This glossary typically includes a list of these terms and their definitions.  If you intend to create a professional document in LaTeX, you should know that it is possible to create glossaries in LaTeX relatively … Read more