How to find the right journal for your first publication?

Choosing a suitable journal for your first publication is both exciting and nerve-wracking. You have come far with paperwork that you deem suitable for publication. Congratulations. In today’s academic environment, research areas tend to overlap. There are more gray areas than ever before. Such manuscripts may fall in one particular or all the concerned areas … Read more

19 Ways To Increase Impact Factor Of Your Journal

There are 3 categories of strategies to increase impact factor: the Traditional Approach, the Editorial Approach, and the Reader Approach. We have identified 17 + 1 ideas based on the latest experience from theory and practice we observed and researched. By reviewing these methods, you could improve the quality of your publication, get more citations, … Read more

What‘s a Good Impact Factor & Why It Matters (with 2018/2019 Impact Factor Ranking in 27 Categories)

Science – something that is hard to define by just one word. It is intriguing, vital, innovative, difficult, mind-blowing, and more. All at once? Easily! And a lot of scientific information goes into science journals. With thousands of active journals and hundreds of thousands if not millions of papers and articles published yearly, it’s quite … Read more