15 Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations in Academia

15 Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations in Academia

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Are you prepared for the future of digital education? Discover the 15 Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations to stay ahead of the curve.

The landscape of academia has drastically transformed in recent times, largely due to the global shift to remote learning. This evolution has led to a pressing need: a reliable means to conduct oral examinations remotely, ensuring fairness and effectiveness. 

The answer? Tools specially tailored to facilitate this process, offering seamless interactions between examiners and examinees.


As our academic systems continue to embrace the digital age, a plethora of tools has emerged, each with its unique advantages tailored for academia. 

These tools cater to various examination formats, from large group assessments to one-on-one. In this piece, we’ll delve deep into the top tools in this domain, exploring their features, benefits, and how they can truly transform remote oral examinations.

Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations

#1. Zoom: Best for large-scale examinations with breakout rooms

Credits: Zoom, Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations,
Credits: Zoom


  • Supports large-scale sessions
  • Allows for breakout rooms
  • Reliable video and audio quality

Zoom, a household name in video conferencing, has found significant footing in academia. Its strength lies in managing large groups, allowing examiners to seamlessly divide students into breakout rooms. It’s a tool that’s risen to prominence quickly, cementing its place in remote oral examinations.


  • Flexibility: Facilitates both large-scale and intimate sessions.
  • Breakout Rooms: Enables examiners to conduct simultaneous examinations in smaller groups.
  • Interactivity: Provides tools like polls and hand-raising, enriching the examination process.

Zoom’s wide acceptance and intuitive design make it an excellent choice for institutions aiming for seamless large-scale oral examinations. Its breakout room functionality ensures individual attention, maintaining examination integrity.

How much does it cost?

  • $0-$199/year

Source: https://zoom.us

#2. Microsoft Teams: Best for examinations integrated with Office tools

Credits: Microsoft Support, Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations,
Credits: Microsoft Support


  • Integrates with Office 365
  • Provides collaboration tools
  • High security and compliance standards

Incorporating the trusted Microsoft legacy, Teams has become a prime choice for academia due to its seamless integration with Office tools. Examiners can access Word, PowerPoint, and Excel during an oral exam, streamlining the process and ensuring consistency.


  • Integration: Smoothly merges with Office 365 tools.
  • Collaboration: Enables real-time document editing and co-authoring.
  • Security: Offers robust protection, ensuring data privacy.

For institutions already reliant on the Microsoft ecosystem, Teams is a natural progression. Its harmonious blend with Office tools ensures a well-rounded and efficient examination process.

How much does it cost?

  • From $4/month

Source: https://www.microsoft.com

#3. Skype: Best for one-on-one oral examinations

Credits: Wikimedia Commons, Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations,
Credits: Wikimedia Commons


  • Simplistic and familiar interface
  • Ideal for direct communication
  • Reliable for personal connections

Skype, long celebrated for its role in personal and professional communications, stands out for one-on-one oral examinations.

With its user-friendly setup and dependable connection, it offers a comfortable space for direct examiner-examinee interactions, reducing the intimidation of the virtual barrier.


  • Simplicity: User-friendly and easily accessible.
  • Stability: Renowned for reliable connections, ensuring minimal interruptions.
  • Global Reach: Used and recognized worldwide, facilitating international assessments.

Skype’s longstanding reputation and familiar platform make it an attractive choice for direct, one-on-one interactions. Its global acceptance and stability ensure both examiners and students have a hassle-free experience.

How much does it cost?

  • $2.99/month

Source: https://www.skype.com

#4. Cisco Webex: Best for secure examination sessions

Credits: Webex, Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations,
Credits: Webex


  • Top-tier security measures
  • Engaging interactive tools
  • High-quality video and audio

When security is paramount, Cisco Webex rises to the occasion. Designed with enterprise-grade security, Webex ensures that oral examinations remain confidential, with top-notch video and audio quality enhancing the examination experience for both parties.


  • Security: Provides end-to-end encryption, ensuring examination confidentiality.
  • Quality: Delivers crisp video and clear audio for effective communication.
  • Interactive Tools: Offers features like whiteboarding, which can be vital for certain oral tests.

For institutions prioritizing security, Cisco Webex offers a sanctuary of trust. Beyond its fortress-like protection, it offers a suite of interactive tools, ensuring comprehensive examinations.

How much does it cost?

  • $25/month

Source: https://www.webex.com

#5. Google Meet: Best for examinations integrated with Google services

Credits: Software Pundit, Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations,
Credits: Software Pundit


  • Seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace
  • Reliable and straightforward
  • Supports large groups

Embracing the vastness of Google’s ecosystem, Google Meet offers a platform tailored for institutions entrenched in Google Workspace. Examiners can fluidly access Docs, Sheets, or Slides during assessments, fostering a dynamic and integrated examination atmosphere.


  • Integration: Perfectly pairs with Google Workspace tools.
  • Reliability: Consistent performance, minimizing technical disruptions.
  • Scalability: Easily accommodates varying group sizes.

For those ingrained in the Google universe, Meet is an obvious choice. Its robust integration and consistent performance ensure that examinations transition smoothly from the physical to the digital realm.

How much does it cost?

  • From $6/month

Source: https://meet.google.com

#6. GoToMeeting: Best for screen-sharing during examinations

Credits: Tech funnel, Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations,
Credits: Tech funnel


  • Screen-sharing is a breeze
  • Crisp audio and video
  • Mobile-friendly for on-the-go users

GoToMeeting is like the cool tech guru of the video conferencing world. It understands the ins and outs of screen sharing, making it a breeze for examiners to display content or walk through a presentation. Plus, its sleek interface ensures no one’s left scratching their heads.


  • Share Away: Effortless screen sharing that’s ultra-smooth.
  • Crystal Clear: Audio and video so crisp, it feels like you’re in the same room.
  • On-the-Move: Works beautifully, even if you’re joining from a mobile device.

For those oral exams that need a little show-and-tell, GoToMeeting is the wingman you’ve been looking for. Its screen-sharing prowess, combined with clear audio and video, makes every examination a seamless affair.

How much does it cost?

  • $20/month

Source: https://www.goto.com

#7. Blackboard Collaborate: Best for examinations within educational platforms

Credits: Blackboard, Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations,
Credits: Blackboard


  • Tailored for educational settings
  • Engages with interactive tools
  • Integrated within popular LMS platforms

Blackboard Collaborate is like that professor who’s got both style and substance. Created specifically for learning environments, it gets what educators and students need. Need interactive tools during an examination? Blackboard’s got a trunk full of them!


  • For the Classroom: Built with educators and students in mind.
  • Engage Away: Features galore to keep things interactive and lively.
  • LMS Love: Fits snugly within popular learning management systems.

With Blackboard Collaborate, it feels like you’ve got a dedicated team working behind the scenes to make every oral exam special. For a tool that understands the academic pulse, look no further.

How much does it cost?

  • From $300/year

Source: https://help.blackboard.com

#8. BlueJeans: Best for high-definition oral tests

Credits: Verizon, Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations,
Credits: Verizon


  • Showcases high-definition video feeds
  • Effortless setup and use
  • Reliable connections, even in low-bandwidth situations

BlueJeans is like that cinematographer who ensures every shot is crystal clear. When clarity is a must for oral exams, it doesn’t disappoint. It’s not just about seeing the other person – it’s about catching every nuance, every expression, making the distance virtually disappear.


  • HD Quality: Everything’s clearer when you see in HD.
  • No Fuss: Jump right in, no steep learning curve here.
  • Stay Connected: Even when your internet decides to take a mini-break.

When you want to bridge the virtual gap and feel like you’re face-to-face, BlueJeans is your go-to. With its knack for clarity and easy usability, it makes every oral test a close-up experience.

How much does it cost?

  • From $9.99/month

Source: https://www.bluejeans.com

#9. Zoho Meeting: Best for secure webinar-mode examinations

Credits: Zoho, Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations,
Credits: Zoho


  • Secure environment for large-scale discussions
  • Intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate
  • Excellent for both one-on-ones and big groups

Zoho Meeting is that security guard who takes their job super seriously but still cracks a smile now and then. Designed for webinars, it brings that layer of safety when you have a larger crowd. It’s all about keeping things orderly while ensuring a warm, interactive vibe.


  • Lock & Key: Peace of mind with top-notch security.
  • User-Friendly: No need for a manual, it’s all pretty straightforward.
  • Group Ready: Whether it’s an intimate chat or a big group discussion, Zoho’s got it covered.

Zoho Meeting strikes that balance between being a secure fortress and a welcoming auditorium. If you’re after a secure yet congenial environment for oral exams, Zoho’s got your back.

How much does it cost?

  • $0-$10/month

Source: https://www.zoho.com

#10. Adobe Connect: Best for customizable examination rooms

Credits: Adobe, Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations,
Credits: Adobe


  • Rooms you can personalize to your heart’s content
  • Stable and dependable connections
  • Tools and widgets to make examinations interactive

Adobe Connect is like that artsy friend who lets you redecorate their room every time you visit. If you want your examination space to reflect a certain vibe or theme, Adobe Connect invites you to get creative. It’s all about making the space truly yours.


  • Make It Yours: Customizable rooms that reflect your style.
  • Steady as She Goes: Reliable connections that won’t let you down mid-exam.
  • Engagement Tools: Widgets and tools that keep things lively and engaging.

Adobe Connect is where functionality meets creativity. With its customizable rooms and stable connectivity, it ensures that every examination is both personalized and professional.

How much does it cost?

  • From $190/year

Source: https://www.adobe.com

#11. BigBlueButton: Best for LMS-integrated oral tests

Credits: Wikipedia, Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations,
Credits: Wikipedia


  • Meshes perfectly with popular Learning Management Systems
  • Designed with educators in mind
  • Interactive features to keep students engaged

BigBlueButton is like that student who’s always prepared, binder tabs and all. If you’re using an LMS and want seamless integration for your oral tests, BigBlueButton is like that trusty binder clip keeping everything neatly together. It’s a teacher’s digital best friend.


  • One with the LMS: Integrates so smoothly, you’d think they grew up together.
  • Teaching Tools: Features crafted specifically for educators’ needs.
  • Keep Students Hooked: Interactive elements ensure students stay attentive and engaged.

BigBlueButton is more than just a tool; it’s an extension of the modern classroom. With its close bond to LMS platforms and its rich feature set, it’s no wonder educators give it top marks for remote oral tests.

How much does it cost?

  • Free

Source: http://bigbluebutton.org

#12. Jitsi Meet: Best for no-sign-up-needed examinations

Credits: IceScrum, Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations,
Credits: IceScrum


  • Hop in without the signup hustle
  • Open-source and highly secure
  • Adaptable to different devices and platforms

Jitsi Meet is like that easygoing friend who says, “Just come over, no need to RSVP.” For spontaneous examinations or when time is of the essence, Jitsi clears the path, ditching the sign-up roadblock and letting everyone jump straight into the conversation.


  • Jump Right In: No lengthy sign-ups or logins.
  • Trusty & Secure: Being open-source, it’s transparent and secure.
  • All Devices Welcome: Whether on a phone or a PC, Jitsi is ready.

With Jitsi Meet, spontaneity is the name of the game. For educators and students who value quick access and transparency, Jitsi is like that refreshing splash of cold water on a hot day – instant and invigorating.

How much does it cost?

  • Free

Source: https://meet.jit.si

#13. Whereby: Best for quick, no-download oral tests

Credits: Software Advice, Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations,
Credits: Software Advice


  • No downloads, no waits, just dive in
  • User-friendly and efficient
  • Secure rooms for focused exams

Whereby is like that cafe with no queues – you stroll in, get your coffee, and you’re good to go. When you’re in a hurry or don’t want the hassle of downloads, Whereby is that breath of fresh air, serving up smooth and quick oral examination rooms.


  • Straight to Business: Skip downloads and jump into exams.
  • Smooth Sailing: Intuitive design means no head-scratching moments.
  • Your Private Cafe: Secure rooms ensure focused, confidential discussions.

In the bustling city of online tools, Whereby is that hidden gem of a cafe where things just flow. Quick, efficient, and oh-so-easy, it’s the tool for when you want to get straight to the heart of the matter.

How much does it cost?

  • $0-9.99/month

Source: https://whereby.com

#14. ClickMeeting: Best for presentation-based oral examinations

Credits: G2, Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations,
Credits: G2


  • Power-packed with presentation tools
  • Smooth video and audio experience
  • Flexible and customizable

ClickMeeting is akin to the dynamic presenter who slides effortlessly between topics, keeping everyone rapt. When your oral examinations lean heavily on slides, graphics, or multimedia presentations, ClickMeeting steps up like a maestro, orchestrating everything seamlessly.


  • Presentation Pro: All the tools you need to deliver impactful presentations.
  • Crystal Conversations: Expect clear audio and video every time.
  • Tailored Touch: Adjust settings to create the exam environment you desire.

ClickMeeting isn’t just about presentations; it’s about making them resonate. When it’s vital to marry spoken words with striking visuals for impactful oral exams, ClickMeeting emerges as the conductor of this symphonic experience.

How much does it cost?

  • $48/month

Source: https://clickmeeting.com

#15. Slack: Best for quick oral checks within groups

Credits: Mashable, Best Tools for Conducting Remote Oral Examinations,
Credits: Mashable


  • Instant messaging meets voice & video calls
  • Perfect for quick check-ins and feedback
  • Collaborative and intuitive

Slack is that vibrant campus hub where everyone meets, chats, and shares a laugh. Tailored for quick interactions, Slack is your go-to for swift oral checks, especially within group settings. It’s where casual conversations meet academic diligence.


  • Quick & Quirky: Ping, call, check – all in a jiffy.
  • Feedback Friendly: Perfect platform for instant reviews and discussions.
  • Team Terrific: Works wonders for group-based examinations and projects.

Slack isn’t just a chat tool; it’s the bustling heart of collaborative academia. Perfect for those impromptu oral checks or group discussions, it ensures that no thought is lost in the chatter.

How much does it cost?

  • $8.25/month

Source: https://slack.com


In this dynamic digital age, while we grapple with the complexities of online exams and remote oral examinations, we’re also blessed with a plethora of usability testing tools designed to facilitate these processes. 

Remote usability testing tools, which include platforms for tree testing, unmoderated usability testing, and remote user testing, provide institutions with the qualitative and quantitative data essential for insightful analysis. 

Whether it’s conducting an oral exam or gauging the experience of our own users, we have user testing software at our fingertips to ensure academic integrity and user experience remain paramount. 

As educators and institutions adapt, the selection of the right usability test is crucial to maintain our commitment to excellence, even in remote environments.

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