20 Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations in Academia

20 Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations in Academia

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What are the top platforms for creating engaging online tests? Unveil the 20 Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations in our insightful article.

Ever tried catching a class from your couch or taking a test in your pajamas? With classrooms going digital, it’s not just about comfy study sessions; it’s also about making those online exams less of a drag. 

Paper exams feel so last decade, right? Today, it’s all about making tests interactive, fun, and yep – efficient. 

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A Quick Peek

Gone are the days of scribbling answers with pen and paper in chilly classrooms. Say hello to the new age of exams – all thanks to online assessment software. 

They’re not just techy but also super handy for a stress-free exam time. So, what’s the buzz about these tools? Let’s dive in and see the best online assessment tools.

Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations

#1. Moodle: Best for comprehensive course management and customizable exam options

Credits: Moodle, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: Moodle


  • Comprehensive online assessment tool
  • Customizable examination settings
  • Widespread academic adoption

Ever felt like you’re playing Tetris when trying to juggle all the academic tools out there? Enter Moodle. It’s not just another platform; it’s the academic Swiss Army knife we’ve all been waiting for. Think of it as your back-pocket secret to craft the perfect exam that vibes with every student’s groove.


  • Flex Your Creativity: Shape exams just the way your course needs them to be.
  • Mix & Match: Blend Moodle with your favorite academic tools like they’re meant to be together.
  • Keep it Lively: Features so fun, your students won’t be able to resist diving in!

In a world full of digital solutions, Moodle doesn’t just step up—it dances ahead. With it, every course gets the red-carpet treatment it truly deserves..

How much does it cost?

  • $27/month

Source: https://moodle.org

#2. ProctorU: Best for remote proctoring and ensuring exam integrity

Credits: Software Advice, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: Software Advice


  • Advanced remote proctoring solution
  • Stringent measures for exam integrity
  • Real-time monitoring capabilities

Ever wondered if there’s a guardian angel watching over online exams, making sure everything’s legit? That’s ProctorU for you. It’s like the trusty bouncer for your virtual exam club, ensuring that everyone plays by the rules, no matter where they’re tuning in from.


  • Keeping it Real: No sneaky business on its watch. Strict yet fair, always!
  • Anywhere, Anytime: Fancy an exam at midnight or sunrise? ProctorU’s got you covered.
  • Smooth Operator: No fuss, no muss. Set up your exam and watch ProctorU work its magic.

In the quest for authentic online tests, ProctorU shines bright. It’s not just another tool; it’s the gold standard for keeping exams straight-up genuine.

How much does it cost?

  • $15-$30

Source: https://www.proctoru.com

#3. Blackboard Learn: Best for integrated course management and diverse exam formats

Credits: Blackboard, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: Blackboard


  • Unified platform for course management
  • Wide range of exam formats
  • In-depth analysis of student performance.

Blackboard Learn isn’t just another app on your device. Imagine it as a bustling academic café where ideas mingle and education isn’t limited to checkboxes. It’s got this cool knack for letting teachers craft lessons and exams that feel like they’re tailor-made for each student.


  • Flexibility: Whether you’re a visual learner or someone who likes to dive deep into text, there’s something for everyone.
  • Flow: Think of it as a dance between learning and checking how much you’ve picked up. Smooth, right?
  • Keeping Track: Ever wished for a crystal ball to see how you’re doing in class? Well, this might be the next best thing.

In a nutshell, Blackboard Learn isn’t about what it can do, but about what you can achieve with it. It’s like having a personal tutor and a digital classroom, all rolled into one.

How much does it cost?

  • From $9500/year

Source: https://www.blackboard.com

#4. ExamSoft: Best for secure, high-stakes examinations and detailed analytics

Credits: GetAppUK, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: GetAppUK


  • Top-notch security measures
  • Designed for high-stakes examinations
  • Comprehensive post-exam analytics

You know when the pressure is on, and every exam detail matters? That’s when ExamSoft becomes your best pal. Designed for those super-important tests, it’s like the security guard of the exam world.

And once the dust settles and the pens are down, it doesn’t just leave you wondering. It dives into the nitty-gritty, helping educators really get what’s going on with student performance.


  • Guard Dog Mode: Think of it as the digital fortress against sneaky cheats.
  • Deep Dive: It’s not about just numbers; it’s about understanding where students can shine even brighter.
  • Steady Eddie: It’s like that reliable friend who’s always got your back, ensuring things run smooth as butter.

So here’s the deal: when it comes to keeping things on the up-and-up and understanding every tiny exam detail, ExamSoft is the one rocking the stage. It’s the unsung hero for fair, transparent, and insightful tests.

How much does it cost?

  • Depends on the institution

Source: https://examsoft.com

#5. Turnitin: Best for ensuring originality in students’ submissions during online examinations

Credits: Turnitin, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: Turnitin


  • Premier plagiarism detection
  • Integrates with multiple platforms
  • Promotes academic integrity

Imagine if you could have a friendly chat with every piece of writing out there, asking, “Hey, have we met before?” That’s Turnitin for you! More than just the plagiarism police, it’s like a mentor guiding students on the path of true learning. 

In a world where you can Google almost anything, making sure students pen down their unique thoughts is super important. Turnitin’s got teachers’ backs, helping pave the way for real-deal, honest learning.


  • Been There, Read That: Its smart brainy-bits can spot if something’s been said before.
  • Teachable Moments: Instead of just a red flag, it’s a nudge towards understanding and growth.
  • Plays Well with Others: Whether it’s this platform or that, Turnitin slides in effortlessly.

So here’s the scoop: Turnitin isn’t just about catching copycats. It’s all about lighting up the path to genuine understanding and standing tall for academic integrity. It’s like the wise old owl in the world of academia, keeping things real and genuine.

How much does it cost?

  • From $1.67/month

Source: https://www.turnitin.com

#6. Respondus: Best for creating and securing online exams against cheating

Credits: Respondus, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: Respondus


  • Locks down browsing during exams
  • Comprehensive exam authoring tools
  • Real-time monitoring

Think of Respondus as the friendly bouncer outside the exclusive club that is your online exam. It’s not just about setting up a killer quiz; it’s also about making sure students give the exam their full, undistracted attention. 

In a world where we all have gazillion tabs open (guilty as charged!), Respondus is like that buddy who nudges you to stay focused on the main gig.


  • No Peeking Allowed: Its browser lockdown is like those blinders on racehorses – just the track (or exam) ahead.
  • The Watchful Eye: Got sneaky tricks up your sleeve? Think twice! Respondus is on the lookout for shifty moves.
  • Question Roulette: Fancy a mix of questions? Respondus has a whole cocktail ready for you.

So, the bottom line? Respondus is rocking the online exam world. It’s not just about making cheat-proof tests; it’s about crafting engaging ones and ensuring everyone plays fair. A real game-changer in the world of digital quizzes!

How much does it cost?

  • From $2795

Source: https://web.respondus.com

#7. ProProfs Quiz Maker: Best for quick quiz creation with multimedia integrations

Credits: G2, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: G2


  • Rapid quiz generation
  • Incorporates multimedia elements
  • Offers a library of templates

ProProfs Quiz Maker is a game-changer in today’s fast-paced educational landscape. In a time when students are buzzing with multimedia, this tool steps in, allowing educators to effortlessly weave in images, videos, and audio into their quizzes. 

More than just tech-savvy, it understands the pulse of the current generation of learners.


  • Interactive Quizzes: Dive into a rich experience with multimedia enhancements that grip your attention.
  • Time-Efficient: Slide into quiz creation mode with ready-to-use templates that save you time.
  • Flexibility: Tailor-made quizzes? Absolutely! Adjust settings to suit every assessment requirement.

In our world of fleeting focus, ProProfs Quiz Maker stands out by championing interactive content. It’s where time-tested educational values meet contemporary flair, creating an unparalleled assessment journey.

How much does it cost?

  • $0-$200/month

Source: https://www.proprofs.com

#8. Quizlet: Best for flashcard-based learning and simple test creation

Credits: General Atlantic, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: General Atlantic


  • Employs flashcard learning methodology
  • Simplified test generation
  • Collaborative learning features

Quizlet has beautifully modernized the classic flashcard learning technique we’ve always known and loved. Embracing the magic of spaced repetition, it doesn’t just offer a space for students to craft their flashcards but to share them as well. 

Beyond just being a tool, it’s a vibrant community where learners come together, joining forces for collaborative study sessions.


  • Retentive Learning: Dive deep into knowledge with flashcards that capitalize on the rhythm of spaced repetition.
  • Community-Driven: Bond, share, and join hands with fellow learners, making education a collective journey.
  • Diverse Study Modes: Every learner is unique; Quizlet gets that. Choose the mode that vibes with your learning rhythm.

With Quizlet, learning isn’t just about individual growth. It’s about growing together. The platform reimagines the trusty flashcard method, making it a go-to for those aiming for deep, lasting knowledge.

How much does it cost?

  • From $38.92 

Source: https://quizlet.com

#9. Edmodo: Best for K-12 online exam management and student-teacher communication

Credits: Edmodo, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: Edmodo


  • Tailored for K-12 education
  • Streamlined exam management
  • Encourages student-teacher communication

Edmodo steps onto the K-12 educational stage, not just as a tool, but as a vibrant connector between educators and their eager learners. While it’s adept at managing exams, where Edmodo truly shines is in crafting a unified educational space. 

It aspires to be more than just a platform; it’s a gathering spot where learning dances freely between classroom walls, encouraging an ongoing conversation between teachers and students.


  • Interactive Interface: Crafted with young minds in focus, drawing them into the learning process.
  • Feedback Tools: Learn, adapt, and grow with immediate feedback, making every moment a step forward.
  • Secure Environment: Because the online safety of our young learners isn’t just important, it’s paramount.

Edmodo’s heartbeat is its unwavering commitment to the K-12 community. Marrying exam oversight with rich communication avenues, it ensures that learning is always alive, pulsating, and deepening the ties between educators and their students.

How much does it cost?

  • Free

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org

#10. GoConqr: Best for comprehensive learning tools, from mind maps to quizzes

Credits: Wikimedia Commons, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: Wikimedia Commons


  • Diverse range of learning tools
  • Integrates mind maps, quizzes, and more
  • Collaborative learning environment

GoConqr isn’t just another examination tool; it’s a complete learning ecosystem. By offering an array of tools, from mind maps to flashcards and quizzes, it ensures that learning is multifaceted and engaging. 

This comprehensive approach fosters an environment where students can grasp complex topics through various interactive methods.


  • Multimodal Learning: Offers varied tools to cater to different learning styles.
  • Interactive Collaboration: Facilitates group studies and discussions.
  • Resource Library: Access to a vast repository of learning materials.

GoConqr’s strength lies in its recognition that learning isn’t one-dimensional. By providing a plethora of tools that cater to different learning styles and needs, it ensures that students have a well-rounded, interactive, and effective learning experience, making it a standout in the digital academic landscape.

How much does it cost?

  • $21.59/year

Source: https://www.goconqr.com

#11. Schoology: Best for blending course management with robust assessment tools

Credits: PCMag, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: PCMag


  • Comprehensive course management system
  • Feature-rich assessment tools
  • Integration with popular educational apps

Schoology isn’t just another tool in the educational realm; it’s an entire landscape. Envision a place where the twists and turns of the academic journey are beautifully mapped out. 

This isn’t about providing isolated tools; it’s about weaving together an academic tapestry. With a powerful fusion of course management and assessment prowess, Schoology stands as a guiding star for institutions seeking unified digital learning paths.


  • Unified Platform: Imagine a place where lessons, dialogues, and evaluations exist in harmony.
  • App Integration: Flow effortlessly with top educational tools, no more boundaries.
  • Collaborative Learning: A space where collective wisdom blossoms through group endeavors and shared discussions.

The magic of Schoology is in its tapestry-like design. It doesn’t just offer sections of the academic puzzle; it connects the dots. Schoology paints a vivid picture of what holistic, intertwined modern education feels like.

How much does it cost?

  • $10/student

Source: https://app.schoology.com

#12. Google Forms: Best for creating straightforward quizzes and gathering student feedback

Credits: Zapier, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: Zapier


  • Simplified quiz creation
  • Versatile feedback collection tool
  • Integrates with Google Workspace

Google Forms feels like a kind-hearted teacher in the vast digital universe. With a warm embrace, it welcomes educators into its realm, making them feel right at home. Think of it as a cozy cafe where educators can create quizzes for their students. The ambiance? Oh, it’s inviting and so easy to navigate!


  • Café Vibes: Crafting quizzes feels like brewing a cup of your favorite latte.
  • Conversation Corner: Listen to the whispers of student feedback and adjust your teaching recipes accordingly.
  • Group Table: Call over your colleagues, and tweak the quiz together, all in real-time.

Google Forms paints a picture that less can indeed be more. Amidst a bustling digital bazaar of intricate gadgets, its uncomplicated style of connecting with students stands out. 

It’s like having a heart-to-heart chat, where educators genuinely feel the pulse of their students, adapting and growing from those shared moments.

How much does it cost?

  • $6/user/month

Source: https://www.google.com

#13. Canvas: Best for a user-friendly interface and integrated learning experience

Credits: EdTIck, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: EdTIck


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Blends learning materials and assessments
  • Mobile-friendly design

Canvas represents the confluence of design and functionality. While its user-friendly interface is immediately noticeable, its real value lies beneath. Canvas is like a favorite classroom, where every corner tells a story of purpose and passion. 

Its welcoming facade, with an easy-to-follow layout, feels like stepping into a well-lit, artfully designed room where everything is in its perfect place. Imagine a digital library where every book, every resource, beckons you with a promise of discovery.


  • Artist’s Corner: A dashboard that lays out every academic paintbrush and color you might need.
  • Pocket Rocket: Your own mini classroom in your pocket, letting you dive into lessons wherever you are.
  • Dreamer’s Path: Crafting lessons that understand and follow the dreams and needs of every student.

Canvas paints an academic masterpiece, where every pixel and function tells a tale of thoughtful design. It makes sure that every scholar feels the rhythm of learning, uninterrupted by the maze of digital intricacies. Canvas is where artistry dances with academia.

How much does it cost?

  • $299/month

Source: https://www.instructure.com

#14. ClassMarker: Best for businesses and educators seeking easy online quiz deployment

Credits: ClassMarker, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: ClassMarker


  • Streamlined quiz creation
  • Suitable for both businesses and educators
  • Robust analytics dashboard

ClassMarker feels like the Swiss Army knife in the grand picnic of education and training. Whether you’re in the bustling boardrooms of corporate towers or the echoing halls of school corridors, ClassMarker stands ready, shining in its versatility. 

Think of it as a wise sage, who understands the hurried footsteps of a business executive just as well as the eager curiosity of a student.


  • Worldly Wand: Morphs effortlessly to fit any learning or training ground.
  • Flash of Insight: Before you even ask, it’s there with results and reflections.
  • Guardian’s Shield: Vigilantly guards precious data, keeping sneaky intruders at bay.

In the great theater of learning and development, ClassMarker is that versatile actor who shines in any role, be it corporate or classroom. It’s a nod to the idea that, no matter the stage, the essence of true assessment is its lucidity, precision, and accessibility.

How much does it cost?

  • From $19.95/month

Source: https://www.classmarker.com

#15. Testmoz: Best for straightforward test creation without requiring account registration

Credits: Testmoz, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: Testmoz


  • No-account hassle-free test creation
  • Simplified interface
  • Quick deployment of tests

Testmoz is like that spontaneous friend who, on a whim, suggests a fun game or quiz during a hangout. In the bustling metropolis of digital platforms, where entry often feels like navigating through a maze, Testmoz opens its doors wide and says, “Come on in, no formalities needed!” 

Imagine a café where you can quickly order your favorite brew without waiting in line.


  • Rocket Start: Dive straight into the action, no queues, no fuss.
  • Whisper Mode: Your secrets are safe; no prying into personal tidbits.
  • Palette of Choices: Whether you fancy a multiple-choice or a simple true/false, it’s all on the table.

In the world of learning, where every tick of the clock counts, Testmoz is the breeze that swiftly carries the sailboat. It’s a nod to the simple truth that sometimes, all educators and learners need is an efficient, uncluttered pathway. Testmoz is that refreshing gust in the world of digital evaluations.

How much does it cost?

  • $50/year

Source: https://testmoz.com

#16. Top Hat: Best for interactive classroom engagement and real-time student feedback

Credits: Capterra, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: Capterra


  • Enhances classroom interactivity
  • Real-time feedback mechanism
  • Comprehensive student engagement analytics

Top Hat feels like the maestro in the symphony of education, turning every classroom into an orchestra of lively interactions and passionate discussions. 

Instead of rows of passive listeners, envision a space where every student is an active musician, each with their own instrument, playing in harmony. It doesn’t just offer a platform; it offers a stage for every student to shine.


  • Mic Drop Moments: It gamifies lessons, turning every class into a vibrant performance.
  • Detective’s Eye: Delving into student activity, offering a window into their engagement rhythms.
  • High-Fives & Huddles: Fostering rich discussions, where every student feels heard and valued.

In a world where screens often silence voices, Top Hat reminds us that they can amplify them instead. It’s like the gentle hand that stirs the embers, turning a quiet classroom into a roaring fire of ideas and interactions. With Top Hat, the digital age classroom isn’t just connected; it’s electrified.

How much does it cost?

  • $48/year

Source: https://tophat.com

#17. Talview: Best for AI-powered proctoring and recruitment assessments

Credits: Talview, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: Talview


  • Leverages AI for advanced proctoring
  • Tailored for recruitment assessments
  • Comprehensive candidate analytics

Talview harnesses the prowess of AI to redefine proctoring and recruitment assessments. In a world where remote evaluations are becoming the norm, ensuring integrity and gathering in-depth candidate insights are paramount.

Talview addresses these challenges, making it an invaluable tool for both academic institutions and corporations alike.


  • AI-Enhanced Monitoring: Flags inconsistencies and suspicious activities.
  • Recruitment Ready: Crafted to assess potential employees effectively.
  • Rich Data Insights: Delivers a holistic view of candidate performance.

Talview showcases how AI can elevate traditional assessment processes. By blending advanced monitoring techniques with in-depth analytics, it offers a comprehensive platform that ensures both the integrity and depth of assessments, be it for academic purposes or recruitment.

How much does it cost?

  • From $25000/year

Source: https://www.talview.com

#18. Kahoot!: Best for gamified learning and interactive quizzes

Credits: Kahoot!, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: Kahoot!


  • Engaging gamified learning approach
  • Real-time interactive quizzes
  • Inclusive for learners of all ages

Kahoot! transforms the traditional online testing landscape with its vibrant, game-centric methodology. 

Understanding that motivation is a driving force in the learning process, it creates a competitive yet inclusive environment where learners, regardless of age, actively participate, and immerse themselves in the content presented.


  • Engagement Boost: Makes learning fun and competitive.
  • Immediate Feedback: Allows real-time understanding of student grasp.
  • Wide Accessibility: Suitable for diverse learning settings, from classrooms to corporate training.

Kahoot!’s success underlines the transformative power of gamification in education. By reframing assessments as interactive games, it not only captivates learners but also promotes a deeper understanding and retention of information. A paradigm shift, Kahoot! rethinks the essence of quizzes.

How much does it cost?

  • $29/month

Source: https://kahoot.it

#19. Socrative: Best for real-time student responses and quick quiz generation

Credits: G2, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: G2


  • Instant student response collection
  • Swift quiz generation tools
  • Intuitive feedback mechanisms

Socrative embodies the principle of immediacy in academic assessments. Recognizing the value of real-time insights, it offers educators a platform where student responses can be instantly gathered, fostering a dynamic environment where teaching methodologies can be immediately adapted based on feedback.


  • Live Interactions: Facilitates a two-way communication channel between test takers and educators.
  • Adaptable Quizzing: Allows for various question types and formats.
  • Detailed Reporting: Provides granular insights into student performance.

In Socrative, the power of instant feedback shines brightly. By allowing educators to immediately gauge student comprehension and adapt their teaching techniques accordingly, it ensures that the learning process remains flexible, responsive, and highly effective.

How much does it cost?

  • $89.99/year

Source: https://www.socrative.com

#20. Think Exam: Best for a versatile exam creation platform with rich analytics

Credits: Think Exam, Best Tools for Interactive Online Examinations,
Credits: Think Exam


  • Comprehensive exam creation suite
  • Advanced analytics dashboard
  • Suitable for diverse assessment needs

Think Exam is a testament to versatility in the realm of online examinations. It provides a cohesive platform that marries intricate exam creation capabilities with a detailed analytical framework, ensuring that educators are equipped with a holistic overview of student performance.


  • Customizable Exams: Tailored assessments to suit varied learning objectives.
  • In-depth Analysis: Rich insights into student understanding and areas of improvement.
  • Security Measures: Ensures exam integrity with stringent anti-cheating features.

Think Exam emphasizes the marriage of creation and analysis. By providing educators with both the tools to craft intricate exams and the analytical depth to understand results, it ensures that online assessments are not just about grading but about understanding and improvement.

How much does it cost?

  • $58.84/month

Source: https://www.thinkexam.com


As the educational landscape continues to evolve, the online assessment tools that support it must adapt and innovate. These platforms, with their distinct attributes and capabilities, ensure that online examinations are more than mere assessments.

They become engaging, insightful, and integral parts of the learning journey, ensuring educators and students alike are well-equipped for the challenges of the digital age.

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