ProWritingAid Review: Is It Worth It?

ProWritingAid Review: Is It Worth It?

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Want to take your academic papers to the next level? Explore the game-changing features of ProWritingAid in our comprehensive ProWritingAid review.

When it comes to academic writing, nailing grammar is a common struggle. It’s the difference between a clear, professional message and a confusing one. ProWritingAid offers a potential solution. In this review, we’re diving into whether it lives up to the expectations and truly helps with those tricky grammar issues.

Are you ready to take a closer look at ProWritingAid? We’ll be examining its features and functionalities to determine if it’s a game-changer for improving grammar in academic writing. Let’s cut through the noise and get to the facts.

What is ProWritingAid and How Does It Work?

ProWritingAid is a powerful writing enhancement tool that utilizes a blend of rule-based algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze text and provide suggestions for improving grammar, style, readability, and more.

This is like having a writing buddy who’s an expert at grammar, style, and readability. It’s a smart tool that digs into your writing and says, “Hey, let’s make this even better!” 

It does this by using fancy algorithms and artificial intelligence, which basically means it’s really good at spotting mistakes and suggesting improvements. You know, like having a personal writing coach at your fingertips.

ProWritingAid is compatible with various devices and platforms. You can access it through web browsers on computers or laptops, and it integrates with Microsoft Word and Google Docs. There’s also a mobile app for editing on the go.

What Are the Key ProWritingAid Features and Tools?

Let’s delve into a more detailed explanation of each ProWritingAid feature and how they contribute to enhancing academic writing:

Grammar Checker

The Grammar Checker in ProWritingAid is a powerful tool that provides real-time checks for grammatical errors. It not only detects common grammatical mistakes but also offers suggestions to correct them. For academic writers, maintaining proper grammar is crucial. 

A flawless grammatical structure ensures that the intended message is conveyed accurately, upholding the professionalism and credibility of the academic document.

Structure, Rephrase, Length, and Transition Checks

These features are essential in refining the structure and coherence of academic writing. The tool analyzes sentence structures, suggesting improvements to enhance clarity and readability. 

It also helps in maintaining an appropriate sentence length, preventing verbosity or overly concise expressions. Smooth transitions between ideas are vital in academic writing, and ProWritingAid assists in achieving this by providing valuable suggestions and guidance.

Overused Terms

The Overused Terms feature in ProWritingAid is an invaluable asset for academic writers. Overusing certain words or phrases can detract from the quality of writing. 

This tool identifies such repetitions and offers alternative words or synonyms, promoting a richer vocabulary and enhancing the overall quality of the text. Academic work becomes more engaging and varied, making it a more enjoyable read for the audience.


ProWritingAid’s Readability feature evaluates various aspects of the text to ensure that it is easily understandable by a wide range of readers. It considers factors like sentence complexity, vocabulary choice, and overall readability. 

In academic writing, maintaining a good readability level is essential to effectively convey complex ideas and research findings to both expert and non-expert readers, fostering better comprehension and engagement.

Plagiarism Checker

Credits: ProWritingAid, Prowritingaid Review
Credits: ProWritingAid

The Plagiarism Checker is a critical tool to maintain academic integrity. It cross-references the written content with an extensive database to identify any similarities with existing works. 

For academic writers, especially students and researchers, this feature is essential to ensure that their work is original and properly cited, avoiding unintentional plagiarism and upholding the ethical standards of scholarly writing.


ProWritingAid’s integrations with various writing platforms seamlessly bring its functionality into the user’s preferred writing environment. Whether it’s a word processor, a web browser, or a specialized academic writing tool, ProWritingAid integrates smoothly, enabling users to access its features without disruptions. 

This integration enhances the writing process’s efficiency, allowing users to receive real-time feedback and make immediate improvements, promoting a streamlined and effective academic writing workflow.


The Goals feature in ProWritingAid allows users to set specific objectives for their writing. These could be word count targets, readability goals, or reducing the usage of certain terms. 

By setting clear goals, academic writers can monitor their progress and ensure that their writing aligns with the intended standards. It instills a disciplined approach, enhances productivity, and improves the overall quality of academic writing by helping writers stay focused and organized.

What are the Use Cases of ProwritingAid in Academics?

Credits: ProWritingAid, Prowritingaid Review
Credits: ProWritingAid

Now that we have seen the capabilities of ProWritingAid in enhancing various aspects of writing, let’s delve deeper into how these features can specifically benefit academic endeavors, making it a valuable tool for students, educators, researchers, and academic writers.

#1. Grammar and Spelling Check

ProWritingAid’s grammar and spelling check feature can help students and academics identify and correct grammatical errors, typos, and spelling mistakes in their academic papers. Ensuring proper grammar and spelling is crucial in maintaining the professionalism and credibility of academic writing.

#2. Style and Tone Improvement

Academic writing often requires a specific style and tone that aligns with the academic discipline or audience. ProWritingAid can analyze the writing style and tone, offering suggestions to improve it, ensuring the language is appropriate and matches the academic context.

#3. Consistency and Clarity

ProWritingAid can flag inconsistencies in terminology, formatting, or writing style and suggest improvements to ensure a clear and coherent narrative throughout the academic paper.

#4. Vocabulary Enhancement

Academic writing benefits from a rich vocabulary. ProWritingAid can suggest synonyms and alternative word choices to enhance vocabulary, making the writing more precise and sophisticated, which is particularly important in academic discourse.

#5. Structure and Organization

Academic papers must follow a well-defined structure and organization. ProWritingAid can help writers analyze the structure of their papers, ensuring it aligns with the academic conventions and guidelines, enhancing the overall readability and logical flow.

#6. Citation and Referencing

Accurate citation and referencing are critical in academic writing to avoid plagiarism and acknowledge sources properly. ProWritingAid can assist in formatting citations and references according to the specified academic style (e.g., APA, MLA), aiding in compliance with academic integrity guidelines.

#7. Plagiarism Check

ProWritingAid’s plagiarism check can compare the content against a vast database to identify potential instances of plagiarism. This ensures that the academic work is original and properly referenced.

#8. Readability Enhancement

Academic writing should be easily understood by the intended audience. ProWritingAid suggestS improvements in sentence structure, paragraph length, and overall readability, making the paper more accessible and engaging for readers.

#9. Academic Tone and Formality

Academic writing often requires a formal tone. ProWritingAid can guide writers in maintaining an appropriate and formal tone, ensuring that the language used aligns with academic standards and expectations.

#10. Revision and Editing Process

ProWritingAid facilitates the revision and editing process by providing comprehensive feedback and suggestions. This helps writers refine their academic papers, enhance writing quality, and ensure that the paper meets the required academic standards.

#11. Thesis and Dissertation Writing

ProWritingAid is particularly beneficial for students working on extensive academic projects such as theses or dissertations. It can assist in maintaining consistency, improving writing quality, adhering to academic guidelines, and ensuring the overall excellence of the research document.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Using ProWritingAid?

Credits: Pexels, Prowritingaid Review
Credits: Pexels

It’s important for users to evaluate their specific needs and preferences to determine if ProWritingAid aligns with their writing style and workflow. Ultimately, it’s a helpful tool when used judiciously and in conjunction with manual editing and proofreading. Here are the pros and cons of using this grammar-checking tool:


#1. Grammar and Spelling Check

ProWritingAid has robust grammar and spelling check capabilities, helping users catch errors and improve the overall quality of their writing.

#2. Style and Writing Analysis

It offers in-depth style and writing analysis, providing suggestions to improve sentence structure, readability, and overall writing style.

#3. Vocabulary Enhancement

The tool suggests synonyms and helps expand vocabulary, which can enhance the richness and variety of your writing.

#4. Plagiarism Checker

ProWritingAid includes a plagiarism checker, helping users ensure the originality of their content by comparing it against a vast database.

#5. Real-time Editing

The tool can be used in real-time, providing immediate feedback and allowing users to make corrections as they write.

#6. Integration and Compatibility

It integrates with various platforms and software like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, and more, making it convenient to use across different writing environments.

#7. Detailed Reports

ProWritingAid generates comprehensive reports that highlight different aspects of your writing, enabling targeted improvements in specific areas.

#8. Learning and Improvement

Using ProWritingAid can help users learn about common writing mistakes and improve their writing skills over time.


#1. Cost

The full-featured version of ProWritingAid requires a paid subscription, which might be a deterrent for some users.

#2. Learning Curve

The tool has a range of features that can be overwhelming for new users, requiring time to fully understand and utilize its capabilities effectively.

#3. Over-reliance on Automation

Depending too heavily on automated tools like ProWritingAid can sometimes result in a lack of critical thinking and understanding of grammar and writing rules.

#4. False Positives

Like any automated tool, ProWritingAid may occasionally flag correct or acceptable writing as errors or make suggestions that don’t align with the writer’s intended style.

#5. Privacy Concerns

As an online tool, there may be concerns about the security and privacy of the text being processed, especially for sensitive or confidential content.

#6. Not a Substitute for Human Editing

While ProWritingAid is a valuable tool, it doesn’t replace the need for human editing and proofreading, particularly for nuanced or context-specific edits.

#7. Dependence on Internet

ProWritingAid requires an internet connection to function, which may be inconvenient for users in areas with unreliable or no internet access.

What Are the Pricing Options and Plans Available for ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid offers two main pricing plans: the Free plan and the Premium plan.

Free Plan

The Free plan provides essential proofreading and editing tools, making it a valuable option for those looking to enhance their writing without a financial commitment. Here are the features included in the Free plan:

  • Word Count Limit: Users can analyze up to 500 words per session.
  • Rephrases: Users can access up to 10 rephrases per day.
  • Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation: The tool checks for and suggests improvements related to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Word Explorer & Thesaurus: Users have access to a word explorer and thesaurus for vocabulary enhancement.
  • Document Type Setting: Allows users to tailor the analysis based on the type of document being worked on.
  • 100% Data Security and Privacy: Assures users of complete data security and privacy.

Premium Plan

The Premium plan provides a comprehensive set of features for a more in-depth and thorough writing analysis. This plan is designed for users who require advanced style improvements and additional writing analysis capabilities. Here are the features included in the Premium plan:

Price: $10 per month, billed annually.

  • Everything in Free: All the features available in the Free plan are included.
  • Unlimited Word Count: Users can analyze an unlimited number of words per session.
  • Unlimited Rephrases: Users have the flexibility to generate an unlimited number of rephrases.
  • Advanced Style Improvements: Offers enhanced suggestions and improvements for writing style.
  • Custom Style Guide: Allows users to create and customize their own writing style guide.
  • Snippets: Enables the ability to save and reuse frequently used phrases or sentences.
  • 24+ Writing Analysis Reports: Provides a wide range of analysis reports to help users improve their writing based on different aspects.
  • Customizable Writing Suggestions: Allows users to tailor writing suggestions based on their preferences.
  • Terminology Management: Helps in managing and using specific terminologies effectively.
  • Author Comparison: Allows users to compare their writing style with that of other authors.
  • Citations: Assists in managing and inserting citations accurately.
  • Collaboration: Enables collaboration with others on a document.
  • Unlimited Document Storage: Provides ample space for users to store an unlimited number of documents.

The Premium plan, with its additional features and capabilities, is ideal for writers, professionals, and anyone looking for an advanced writing assistance tool to refine and enhance their written content.

What Are Users Saying About ProWritingAid? 

Let’s hear it from some satisfied users who have incorporated ProWritingAid into their writing routines:

“ProWritingAid has been a resource in my writer toolkit for many years. The program helps me to craft and clarify my stories for a better reader experience. Your editor will thank you for making their job easier.” – A dedicated author who finds value in enhancing the readability of their work.

“I am an author and use it both for my books and social media posts. Nothing more embarrassing than poor spelling and grammar online when you are trying to get someone to buy your books. This has caught so many mistakes for me.” – An author who appreciates the embarrassment-free writing experience ProWritingAid provides for their online presence.

“I’ve been using these tools for several years now and continue to learn from them. My writing improves with each session, whether I am working on my fantasy romance novel or composing a simple email.” – A seasoned writer who recognizes the continuous improvement in their writing skills, no matter the type of content they’re creating.

These testimonials highlight how ProWritingAid serves as an invaluable companion for authors, helping them refine their writing, boost their online credibility, and continually enhance their skills across various writing projects.

How Does ProWritingAid Compare to Other Writing Tools?

ProWritingAid is a popular writing tool that offers a range of features designed to help writers improve their writing, grammar, and style. However, it’s important to compare it with other writing tools to understand its strengths and weaknesses in comparison.

ProWritingAIdGrammarlyHemingway Editor
Starting rice per month$10$12 per month$19.99
Most notable featureGrammar checkerReal-time grammar correctionsOne-time payment 
Output qualityGoodBetterGood
Availability of free trialYesYesYes
LimitationsWord limit on free version Limited free versionThe focus is on simple sentences. This may be a challenge to niche-centric content

#1. Grammarly

Credits: PCMg, Prowritingaid Review
Credits: PCMg

Grammarly is one of the most well-known writing tools and is often compared to ProWritingAid. It offers robust grammar checking, spell checking, and punctuation correction. Grammarly also provides suggestions for sentence structure, style, and tone. 

It has a clean interface and is user-friendly. However, Grammarly’s free version has limited features compared to ProWritingAid’s free version.

#2. Hemingway Editor

Credits: Hemingway Editor, Prowritingaid Review
Credits: Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor focuses on improving readability and style. It highlights complex sentences, suggests simpler alternatives, and identifies adverbs, passive voice, and hard-to-read sentences. 

Hemingway Editor has a simpler interface compared to ProWritingAid and is good for those looking to improve the clarity and conciseness of their writing.

#3. AutoCrit

Credits: AutoCrit, Prowritingaid Review
Credits: AutoCrit

AutoCrit is aimed at fiction writers and offers in-depth analysis of elements specific to fiction, such as pacing, dialogue, and strong writing habits. It provides comparisons to bestselling authors and helps writers refine their manuscripts for a targeted audience. ProWritingAid, on the other hand, is more general-purpose and not specifically geared towards fiction.

#4. Ginger

Credits: G2, Prowritingaid Review
Credits: G2

Ginger is another grammar and writing improvement tool that offers features like sentence rephrasing, translation, and contextual definitions. It’s more focused on language enhancement and provides an easy-to-use interface. However, ProWritingAid offers a broader range of writing analysis and suggestions.

#5. Microsoft Word and Google Docs

Credits: Microsoft Word, Prowritingaid Review
Credits: Microsoft Word

These are general-purpose word processors with built-in spelling and grammar checking. While they lack the depth of analysis and suggestions provided by specialized tools like ProWritingAid, they are widely used and integrated into many people’s workflow.

In comparison to these tools, ProWritingAid stands out for its extensive range of features, including grammar checking, style improvements, readability analysis, plagiarism checking, and more. 

It offers a holistic approach to writing improvement, making it a valuable tool for various types of writers, from bloggers to academics to fiction authors.

However, the choice of a writing tool depends on individual preferences, specific writing needs, and budget constraints. It’s a good idea to try out multiple tools and choose the one that best aligns with your writing style and requirements.

How Can Prowritingaid Supercharge Your Academic Writing?

Credits: Pexels, Prowritingaid Review
Credits: Pexels

Tips to Maximize Use of Prowritingaid in Academics:

#1. Utilize the Grammar Checker for Polished Prose

Prowritingaid’s grammar checker helps you spot and correct grammatical errors, enhancing the clarity and professionalism of your academic writing.

#2. Enhance Clarity with Style and Structure Analysis

Leverage Prowritingaid’s style and structure analysis to ensure your academic writing is clear, coherent, and adheres to the appropriate academic style guide.

#3. Optimize Word Choice and Vocabulary

Utilize the tool’s vocabulary suggestions and word choice analysis to elevate your academic vocabulary, making your writing more engaging and sophisticated.

#4. Streamline Academic References with Citations Check

Prowritingaid can assist in checking and formatting citations, helping you ensure your academic references are accurate and appropriately cited.

#5. Master Consistent Formatting with Formatting Check

Use the formatting check to maintain consistency in formatting, including headings, subheadings, font styles, and other elements, in line with academic guidelines.

#6. Refine Sentence Structure for Clarity and Flow

Take advantage of the sentence structure analysis to improve the flow and readability of your academic writing, enhancing comprehension and engagement.

#7. Proofread for Typos and Spelling Errors

Employ Prowritingaid’s spelling and typo checker to eliminate typos and spelling errors, presenting a polished and professional academic document.

#8. Incorporate Plagiarism Detection for Originality

Utilize the plagiarism detection feature to ensure your academic work is original and properly cited, upholding academic integrity.

#9. Collaborate Effectively with Real-Time Editing

Make use of Prowritingaid’s real-time editing capabilities for smooth collaboration with peers or instructors, ensuring a seamless review process.

#10. Optimize Time Management with Efficient Editing

Learn to efficiently use Prowritingaid to speed up your editing process, allowing you to allocate more time to research and critical thinking in your academic pursuits.

#11. Integrate Human Editing for Precision and Nuance

Combine Prowritingaid’s insights with human editing for a personalized touch, focusing on nuances, context, and academic standards specific to your field or assignment.

My Verdict

Credits: ProWritingAid, Prowritingaid Review
Credits: ProWritingAid

Before rendering my verdict on ProWritingAid as an economical alternative to other editing tools, I conducted an extensive evaluation, meticulously analyzing its features, usability, and applicability to academic writing. 

The primary focus of this assessment was to discern how ProWritingAid caters to the academic community, highlighting any distinctive attributes that set it apart from similar editing tools.

Here are the reasons i love this tool:

Affordable Alternative to Grammarly

ProWritingAid offers a cost-effective alternative to Grammarly and similar writing tools, making it an appealing choice for budget-conscious users. Despite its affordability, it provides a wide range of features that are comparable to those offered by Grammarly.

Academic-Focused Features

One of the standout features of ProWritingAid is its academic-focused capabilities. The tool caters specifically to the requirements of academic writing, making it an invaluable asset for students, researchers, and professionals in academia. From comprehensive grammar and style checks to in-depth analysis of scholarly writing nuances, ProWritingAid is designed to elevate the quality of academic content.

Comprehensive Editing Tools

ProWritingAid boasts an extensive suite of editing tools, including grammar and spelling checks, style enhancements, vocabulary improvements, and plagiarism detection. These tools collectively help writers refine their work, ensuring it meets the high standards expected in academic and professional writing.

Balancing Automated Assistance with Human Editing

While ProWritingAid provides a robust set of automated editing features, it’s important to recognize that human editing is indispensable. The AI-driven tools can enhance writing significantly, but they may not grasp the complete context, tone, and creativity that a human editor can.


I recommend utilizing ProWritingAid for its affordability, powerful editing tools, and specialized academic features. However, for the utmost precision, clarity, and coherence in your writing, consider combining ProWritingAid with human editing. 

This synergy will ensure that your writing is not only grammatically accurate but also attains a level of refinement that automated tools alone cannot provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is ProWritingAid and how does it work?

ProWritingAid is an online writing and editing tool designed to help writers improve their writing skills. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze written content, offering suggestions for grammar, style, punctuation, and overall writing improvement. Users can copy and paste text into the editor, or use browser extensions or integrations with popular writing software.

Q2. What features does ProWritingAid offer to enhance writing?

ProWritingAid offers a range of features, including grammar and style checking, contextual spelling checking, readability analysis, structure and style suggestions, vocabulary enhancement, and plagiarism checking. It provides in-depth reports on various aspects of the writing, helping users identify areas for improvement.

Q3. Is ProWritingAid suitable for different types of writing?

Yes, ProWritingAid is versatile and can be used for various types of writing, including academic papers, professional documents, creative writing, fiction, non-fiction, emails, blog posts, and more. It caters to different writing styles and requirements, making it a valuable tool for a wide range of writers.

Q4. Is ProWritingAid compatible with my writing platform or software?

ProWritingAid offers browser extensions for popular browsers, as well as integrations with many writing platforms and software, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, and more. This allows users to seamlessly use ProWritingAid within their preferred writing environment.

Q5. Is ProWritingAid a free tool, or does it require a subscription?

ProWritingAid offers both free and paid versions. The free version provides basic writing analysis and limited access to the tool’s features. However, the premium version, which requires a subscription of $10 per month paid per year, unlocks the full suite of features and more advanced analysis to enhance writing quality. 


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