20 Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research

20 Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research

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Ever pondered the depth of insights biometrics can offer? Grasp the potential with our article on the Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research.

As academic research delves deeper into human intricacies, capturing genuine, precise, and multi-faceted data becomes paramount. Traditional tools, with their limited scope, often miss nuances crucial for modern studies. But biometric tools fill this void. Tailored for real-time, detailed data collection, they’re reshaping the research landscape.

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Biometric tools are devices or software solutions designed to recognize and measure physical or behavioral characteristics of individuals. In academia, they provide unparalleled insights into human physiology, behavior, and interactions. 

They are paramount in fields ranging from psychology to medicine and from sports science to user experience research. Let’s delve into the best biometric tools available and how they fit into academic research.

Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research

#1. NeuroSky MindWave Mobile 2: Best for studying real-time brainwave activity

Credits: Pinterest, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: Pinterest


  • Compact EEG device
  • Live brainwave data analysis
  • Beginner-friendly interface

Dive into the captivating world of brainwaves with the NeuroSky MindWave Mobile 2. Light as a feather yet power-packed, this device beckons all curious minds wanting to dance with the pulsating rhythms of our brain’s unseen wonders.


  • Explore Freely: No more cold, sterile labs. Venture out and see how the brain reacts amidst the rustle of leaves or the buzz of a busy café.
  • Eureka Moments, Faster: Why wait? As soon as those neurons start their jig, you’re in the know.
  • Friendly for All: Never touched an EEG device before? Or perhaps you’re the go-to brain guru in your circle? Either way, it’s got you covered.

But, there’s more. With cutting-edge biometric authentication and facial recognition tech, it’s not just a tool; it’s your trusted companion in unlocking the mysteries of the mind. So, for those with a thirst to explore the brain’s ebb and flow in all its natural glory, the NeuroSky MindWave Mobile 2 is your ticket in. 

How much does it cost?

  • $99.95

Source: https://store.neurosky.com

#2. Face++ API: Best for advanced facial recognition and attribute analysis

Credits: Orbit Carrot, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: Orbit Carrot


  • Advanced facial analysis software
  • In-depth attribute breakdown
  • Flexible across various research scopes

Imagine you’ve stumbled upon a magical magnifying glass—one that lets you peek into the very soul of human expressions. That’s what Face++ API feels like. It doesn’t just ‘see’ faces; it deeply understands the emotions, stories, and unspoken words they carry.


  • Crystal Clear Vision: It’s like having 20/20 vision for the heart’s whispers, capturing every tiny detail of a face.
  • A Versatile Muse: From artists capturing the perfect expression to scientists decoding the human psyche, Face++ API dances gracefully across varied research canvases.
  • Stories in Every Look: With Face++ API, you’re not just seeing a face—you’re reading its tales, secrets, and silent songs.

Stepping beyond traditional facial recognition technology, Face++ API feels more like a wise elder in a village—it knows, understands, and shares stories from the myriad faces it encounters. Dive into this rich tapestry of human emotions and see the world like you’ve never seen it before.

How much does it cost?

  • From $0

Source: https://www.faceplusplus.com

#3. Thalmic Labs Myo Armband: Best for gesture control and muscle activity analysis

Credits: Time, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: Time


  • Gesture-controlled device
  • Analyzes muscle activity
  • Intuitive design

Imagine a world where technology doesn’t just observe but feels the very essence of human movement. The Myo Armband by Thalmic Labs is that dream come alive. It isn’t merely a tool; it’s a companion that dives deep into the symphony of our muscles.


  • Moments Made Tangible: Get immediate insights as your muscles weave their dance, allowing for on-the-spot adjustments and discoveries.
  • Dive into the Muscle Symphony: Journey through the valleys and peaks of muscle activity, understanding the most subtle of tremors and the grandest of movements.
  • Wear It Like Second Skin: Designed keeping you in mind, it effortlessly becomes an extension of your body, making it perfect for diverse studies.

The Myo Armband is not about mere observation; it’s about intimacy with human motion. For those seeking to unlock the secrets of our body’s dance, this armband is like the golden key, opening doors to countless kinetic stories waiting to be told.

How much does it cost?

  • $149

Source: https://techcrunch.com

#4. Tobii Pro Nano: Best for precise eye-tracking and visual attention research

Credits: SR Labs, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: SR Labs


  • Compact eye-tracking device
  • Precision-focused visual data
  • Ideal for varied research setups

The Tobii Pro Nano is more than just a piece of technology; it’s a window into the essence of human sight. Much like a poet captures the nuances of a fleeting emotion, this device captures the intricate dance of our gaze. 

It’s almost as if it has the power to tap into the silent narratives our eyes weave, revealing the profound depth of our visual interactions. This isn’t just about tracking where one looks; it’s about understanding the stories, emotions, and intentions that lie beneath each glance.


  • Micro-Level Precision: Not a mere tracker, but an astute observer ensuring that no detail, no matter how small, is overlooked.
  • Diverse Research Use: From the dynamic ecosystem of a classroom to the meticulous environment of a usability lab, its versatility is unparalleled.
  • Seamless Integration: A master of adaptability, it melds effortlessly into a myriad of research designs, always ready to chronicle the myriad tales our eyes tell.

Furthermore, in an age where biometric identification systems are gaining traction, the Tobii Pro Nano stands out. It doesn’t just identify; it understands, making it invaluable in a world that’s rapidly recognizing the significance of visual biometrics.

The Tobii Pro Nano isn’t just a device; it’s an artist, a storyteller. For any scholarly journey into the intricacies of visual attention, it’s not just a tool—it’s the pen that scripts the chronicles of the human gaze.

How much does it cost?

  • $32

Source: https://www.tobii.com

#5. BioSemi ActiveTwo EEG System: Best for detailed electrophysiological research

Credits: Neurospec AG, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: Neurospec AG


  • State-of-the-art EEG system
  • Captures detailed electrophysiological data
  • Designed for complex research undertakings

BioSemi ActiveTwo is to neuroscience what a maestro’s baton is to an orchestra: an essential instrument to channel and interpret the complex melodies of the mind. 

Like a masterful artist painting scenes of neural landscapes, this system unravels the mesmerizing tapestry of the brain’s electrical dances with a finesse that’s nothing short of magical.


  • Superior Data Capture: Imagine capturing the softest whispers of neural conversations; that’s the level of detail you get.
  • Research-Ready: Crafted for the passionate scholar, it’s like having a library of the mind at one’s fingertips.
  • Wide Application: From the controlled quiet of labs to the bustling rhythm of real-world settings, its adaptability is awe-inspiring.

Now, in an era where facial recognition systems are painting comprehensive portraits of our physical identity, the BioSemi ActiveTwo delves into the deeper canvas of our neural identity. It’s not merely about recognizing faces but understanding the stories and secrets our neurons keep.

BioSemi ActiveTwo doesn’t just capture data; it captures the poetry of the brain, making it a cornerstone for any endeavor into the intricate wonders of electrophysiology.

How much does it cost?

  • $9.99-$1999.99

Source: https://www.biosemi.com

#6. Vokaturi Open API: Best for emotional voice data analysis

Credits: Vokaturi,Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: Vokaturi


  • Advanced voice analysis tool
  • Decodes emotional data from speech
  • Open-source and adaptable

Voices are like rivers, flowing with undercurrents of emotions, tales, and mysteries. The Vokaturi Open API, in its brilliance, doesn’t just skim the surface; it dives deep, navigating the ebb and flow of these vocal rivers to unearth the sentiments that lie submerged. 

In a world where facial recognition systems sketch the outlines of our identities, and biometric systems decode the fingerprints of our existence, Vokaturi offers something profound—a mirror to the soulful echoes of our voice.


  • Depth in Decoding: Like a seasoned maestro, it captures the quiet sighs and exuberant cries, understanding the myriad nuances in every vocal note.
  • Research Flexibility: Whether it’s the rhythm of a lullaby or the cadence of a passionate debate, it molds itself, serving diverse research aspirations.
  • Community-Driven: Its open-source heart ensures it’s ever-evolving, nurtured by a community that understands the essence of vocal emotions.

In a digital age where our faces and biometrics are often our calling cards, Vokaturi Open API reminds us of the power of voice. It doesn’t just process sounds; it resonates with the stories and feelings they convey. For those eager to delve into the symphony of human sentiments, this tool isn’t just helpful; it’s essential.

How much does it cost?

  • Available on request

Source: https://vokaturi.com

#7. Empatica E4 wristband: Best for real-time physiological data tracking

Credits: ResearchGate, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: ResearchGate


  • Wristband for physiological insights
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Wearable and unintrusive

The Empatica E4 wristband is like a storyteller on your wrist. While it might seem like a simple accessory, it narrates tales of heartbeats, temperature, and even skin conductance. Every researcher hoping to grasp the intricate dance of human physiology in day-to-day life will find a friend in this remarkable device.


  • Continuous Monitoring: Tracks physiological changes throughout the day
  • Discreet: Allows subjects to remain uninhibited in their activities
  • Multi-Faceted Data: Covers a spectrum of physiological metrics

The Empatica E4 wristband reminds us that every heartbeat tells a story, and every skin response has a tale behind it. For researchers, it’s a goldmine of real-life physiological narratives.

How much does it cost?

  • $1690

Source:  https://www.empatica.com

#8. Noldus FaceReader: Best for automated facial expression analysis

Credits: ResearchGate, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: ResearchGate


  • Advanced facial reading software
  • Automated emotion detection
  • Accurate and comprehensive

Beyond the spoken word, our very faces carry the intricate narratives of emotions, resonating with feelings and instant reactions. Noldus FaceReader emerges as the wise sage that interprets these mute stories. Delving deep into the canvas of facial expressions, it unwraps tales of elation, grief, astonishment, and ire, granting researchers a window into the labyrinthine world of human emotional interplay.


  • Non-Invasive: Navigates the realm of emotions without the intrusion of touch.
  • Versatile Research: Perfectly suited for an array of scenarios, from the bustling energy of classrooms to the engaged focus of group discussions.
  • High Accuracy: Delivers results one can bank upon, grounded in extensive years of mapping emotional currents.

However, it’s essential to emphasize that Noldus FaceReader is not merely another biometric identification system or facial recognition system. Instead, it discerns more than just contours and features. 

It perceives the plethora of emotions that play across a visage. For academicians and researchers poised to unravel the silent dialect of facial tales, there’s no tool more precious.

How much does it cost?

  • Not provided

Source: https://www.noldus.com

#9. Pupil Labs Core: Best for mobile eye tracking in real-world scenarios

Credits: GitHub, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: GitHub


  • Mobile eye-tracking device
  • Real-world scenario application
  • Lightweight and adaptable

Pupil Labs Core is like having a window into the observer’s soul. As people navigate their surroundings, this device seamlessly traces their gaze, piecing together their focus points and interests. Researchers keen on diving into the spontaneous visual engagements of their subjects in real-world settings will find this tool irreplaceable.


  • On-the-Go Analysis: Perfect for studies outside lab environments
  • Unobtrusive Design: Ensures natural behavior of participants
  • Detailed Gaze Mapping: Records every subtle shift of the eye

With Pupil Labs Core, the world becomes a laboratory. It captures the unscripted, raw tales of where, why, and how eyes move, making it a gem for real-world visual research.

How much does it cost?

  • $3744.70

Source: https://pupil-labs.com

#10. BehavioSec Behavioral Biometrics: Best for nuanced user behavior in digital interactions

Credits: Business wire, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: Business wire


  • Digital behavior analysis tool
  • Delicate understanding of user actions
  • Perfect for online interactions

In a world steeped in digital interactions, BehavioSec Behavioral Biometrics acts as a whisperer of online nuances. It doesn’t just track clicks or scrolls; it dives deep into the rhythm, pacing, and pattern behind each digital gesture, serving as an illuminating guide for researchers deciphering the digital behavior code.


  • Intricate Analysis: Decodes the intent behind digital actions
  • Perfect for UX Studies: Understand user preferences and annoyances
  • Adaptable: Fits seamlessly across various digital platforms

BehavioSec doesn’t merely record; it interprets. In a landscape where every digital touchpoint matters, it shines as a beacon for researchers seeking profound digital behavioral insights.

How much does it cost?

  • $1/month

Source: https://risk.lexisnexis.com

#11. Redrock Biometrics PalmID: Best for palm print biometric patterns analysis

Credits: Source Security, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: Source Security


  • Advanced palm print analysis
  • Recognizes unique palm patterns
  • Reliable and precise

Every palm is a canvas, beautifully painted with the ink of life’s memories and moments. Redrock Biometrics PalmID stands as the master painter, capturing these intricate narratives with precision and flair. Through its adept pattern discernment, it unveils the stories scribed on human palms, offering a trove of wonder for those enraptured by the mysteries of palm biometrics.


  • High Accuracy: So precise that the likelihood of mistaking one palm’s tale for another’s is infinitesimal.
  • Fast Analysis: Without hesitation, it quickly sifts through the chronicles inscribed on the palm.
  • Secure: Just as an author protects their manuscripts, PalmID ensures that each palm’s narrative remains confidential and safeguarded.

While there are technologies like voice recognition and fingerprint recognition, PalmID distinguishes itself as the curator of distinct stories traced on our palms. For scholars diving deep into palm biometrics, this tool is a beacon of unmatched accuracy and depth.

How much does it cost?

  • Not provided

Source: https://www.redrockbiometrics.com

#12. BrainVision ActiCHamp: Best for EEG and event-related potentials research

Credits: Brain Vision, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: Brain Vision


  • Leading-edge EEG tool
  • Captures event-related potentials
  • Versatile and detailed

The vast enigma of the brain has intrigued many, and in this immense ocean of wonder, BrainVision ActiCHamp emerges as the beacon illuminating the path for researchers. 

This instrument goes beyond the conventional task of data collection. It dives deep, capturing the mesmerizing ballet of neurons during specific moments, painting a clearer picture of our cerebral responses to varied stimuli.


  • Fine-tuned Data: With the prowess to sense the gentle whispers of brain activity, it captures every nuance.
  • Multi-Modal: Flexible and accommodating, it seamlessly integrates into diverse experimental landscapes.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Beyond mere data accrual, it facilitates a granular, post-experiment dissection of what the brain has shared.

In a world rapidly advancing with biometric technologies, where biometric security is intertwining with our daily lives and facial recognition technologies are reshaping how we see and are seen, BrainVision ActiCHamp stands distinct. It is not just another tool with biometric sensors. 

Amidst the rising concerns of identity theft and the evolution of artificial intelligence, it is a sentinel and a storyteller. More than just an EEG instrument, it is a bridge into the intricate labyrinths of the mind. For explorers passionate about event-related potentials, there’s no ally more potent.

How much does it cost?

  • $99-$1000

Source: https://www.brainproducts.com

#13. Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit: Best for galvanic skin response research

Credits: Shimmer Research, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: Shimmer Research


  • Galvanic skin response detector
  • Sensitive and accurate readings
  • Compact for diverse research setups

The skin, often viewed as a mere protective layer, is a canvas of emotions, reflecting our innermost feelings. The Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit interprets these subtle skin stories with finesse, tracking minute changes that can unveil a plethora of emotional responses. It’s a must-have for researchers who want to tread the nuanced path of emotional resonance through skin conductance.


  • Direct Emotional Insight: Reveals emotional spikes or calmness
  • Portable: Designed for both lab and on-the-go studies
  • High Sensitivity: Detects even fleeting emotional shifts

With Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit, the skin’s whispers become audible tales. It serves as a testament that emotions aren’t just felt deep within but are also echoed on our very surface.

How much does it cost?

  • $559.49

Source: https://shimmersensing.com

#14. OpenBCI: Best for customizable brain-computer interface research

Credits: PR Newswire, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: PR Newswire


  • Open-source brain-computer interface platform
  • Highly customizable
  • Suitable for diverse neural investigations

At the crossroads of human thought and digital response, OpenBCI stands tall. This platform isn’t about passive observation; it invites researchers to shape, mold, and personalize their neural explorations. For those envisioning a bespoke path in the world of brain-computer interfacing, OpenBCI offers a canvas brimming with possibilities.


  • Tailored Research: Modify as per specific research needs
  • Community Collaboration: Thrive on shared insights and improvements
  • Versatile Applications: From meditation studies to gaming experiences

OpenBCI is a celebration of the human brain’s intricacies and the wonders of digital responses. A cornerstone for pioneering thinkers in the brain-computer interface realm.

How much does it cost?

  • From $799.99

Source: https://openbci.com

#15. Biopac MP160: Best for multimodal physiological data acquisition

Credits: Vice Lab, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: Vice Lab


  • Comprehensive physiological data tool
  • Captures varied metrics seamlessly
  • Integrates with multiple measurement types

In the symphony of human physiological responses, Biopac MP160 is the maestro. It harmonizes a range of data, from heart rhythms to muscle twitches, crafting a holistic narrative. Researchers looking to weave together various threads of physiological information will find in Biopac MP160 a conductor par excellence.


  • Cohesive Data Collection: Merges diverse physiological metrics
  • Scalable: Expands as research demands evolve
  • High Precision: Ensures trustworthy and replicable results

The Biopac MP160 is more than a data collector; it’s the storyteller of the human body’s myriad tales. An indispensable tool for those aiming for a panoramic view of human physiological wonders.

How much does it cost?

  • $7873.73

Source: https://www.biopac.com

#16. SR Research EyeLink 1000: Best for high-resolution eye tracking

Credits: SR Research, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: SR Research


  • High-resolution eye tracking system
  • Unveils intricate gaze patterns
  • Stellar precision and accuracy

The eyes, windows to our souls, hold tales that often remain untold. SR Research EyeLink 1000 is that rare interpreter of these silent stories. By meticulously tracing the trajectory of the gaze, it paints a picture of fascination, inquiry, or even apprehension. For researchers aiming to truly understand what captivates or distracts, this tool is a revelation.


  • Vivid Gaze Insights: Discerns subtle eye movements
  • Adaptable Framework: Perfect for varied research contexts
  • High-speed Tracking: Captures swift glances and shifts

The EyeLink 1000 transforms the ordinary act of seeing into a vivid tapestry of intrigue and curiosity. It’s an indispensable ally for those seeking to unravel the secret tales our eyes tell.

How much does it cost?

  • $667.13

Source: https://www.sr-research.com

#17. Bittium Faros 360: Best for continuous ECG monitoring

Credits: Cision News, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: Cision News


  • Comprehensive ECG monitoring
  • Continuous heart rhythm capture
  • Compact and unobtrusive

In every heartbeat, there’s a rhythm, a melody that speaks of life’s joys and trials. Bittium Faros 360 is the maestro that understands and interprets this music. With relentless attention, it charts the ebbs and flows of our heart’s tales, making it an invaluable companion for researchers diving into the heart’s profound mysteries.


  • Deep Cardiac Insights: Records the nuances of each heartbeat
  • Wearable Comfort: Ensures uninterrupted daily activities
  • Robust Analysis: Provides detailed and accurate data visualization

In the orchestra of life, the heart plays a pivotal role, and Bittium Faros 360 ensures not a single note is missed. A beacon of clarity in the world of cardiac research.

How much does it cost?

  • From $1560

Source: https://www.bittium.com

#18. iMotions Biometric Research Platform: Best for integrating multiple biometric data sources

Credits: Insight Platforms, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: Insight Platforms


  • Multi-modal biometric integration
  • Holistic research insights
  • Versatile and scalable

Our bodies tell tales through various channels, each adding a layer to the intricate narrative. iMotions is the symphony conductor, harmonizing these diverse biometric voices into a cohesive story. 

Researchers seeking a holistic view of human responses, a panorama of emotions, and physiological tales, will find iMotions to be their magnum opus.


  • Unified Data Analysis: Merges diverse biometric data streams
  • Customizable Setup: Tailor-fit to specific research nuances
  • Expansive Compatibility: Integrates with a wide array of biometric tools

With iMotions, researchers aren’t just gathering data; they’re composing holistic biometric symphonies. A magisterial platform for those aiming for comprehensive human insights.

How much does it cost?

  • Not provided

Source: https://imotions.com

#19. WorldViz Pupil Tracking HMD: Best for virtual reality experiments with eye-tracking

Credits: WorldViz , Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: WorldViz 


  • Immersive virtual reality interface
  • In-depth eye-tracking in VR contexts
  • Rich, experiential data collection

Virtual worlds, though intangible, echo with real emotions and curiosities. WorldViz Pupil Tracking HMD serves as a bridge between these realms, capturing the genuine gazes and focuses within a digital universe. 

For researchers longing to decipher how eyes wander and wonder in virtual landscapes, this tool offers a poetic journey.


  • Real-world Eye Behavior: Even in virtual environments
  • Deep Contextual Analysis: Link gaze to VR elements
  • Seamless VR Integration: Effortless combination with VR projects.

In the dance between the real and virtual, WorldViz Pupil Tracking HMD captures every nuanced step. For researchers, it’s akin to having a front-row seat in the theater of virtual exploration.

How much does it cost?

  • Not provided

Source: https://www.worldviz.com

#20. Physilog®: Best for motion and gait analysis in sports science

Credits: ResearchGate, Best Biometric Tools for Academic Research,
Credits: ResearchGate


  • Advanced motion and gait analyzer
  • Tailored for sports science research
  • Captures intricate movement patterns

Movement is a language, articulating tales of endurance, elegance, and effort. Physilog® is a keen listener and translator of this kinetic script. Specially crafted for sports science, it unravels the intricacies of gait and motion, painting a vivid panorama of athletic endeavors.


  • Precision Motion Capture: Records every subtle gesture and stride
  • Sports-centric: Tailored tools for athletic analysis
  • In-depth Biomechanics Insights: Reveals the science behind every move

With Physilog®, motion isn’t merely observed—it’s understood, celebrated, and optimized. A pivotal ally for those delving deep into the world of sports biomechanics.

How much does it cost?

  • Not provided

Source:  https://physilog.com


In the evolving landscape of academic research, biometric tools offer a profound lens through which we can understand the intricate dance of human emotions, behaviors, and physiological responses. 

From the gentle whisper of a heartbeat to the profound tales our eyes tell, these tools are revolutionizing how we interpret and understand human narratives. 

As we venture deeper into this era of data-driven insights, we invite you to embrace these innovations, for they are not just tools, but keys unlocking new dimensions of knowledge. Dive in, and let’s co-author the next chapter of discovery together!

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