Exploding Topics Review – Using trends for your research

Exploding Topics Review – Using trends for your research

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Are you curious about the latest trends and their potential for enhancing your research? Dive into our Exploding Topics Review to unlock new research strategies.

Have you ever wondered about the profound impact trends could have on academic research? In this blog post, we’re exploring academic research, specifically focusing on Exploding Topics, a potent trend discovery tool.

Having flagged over 10,000 under-the-radar topics, Exploding Topics will influence your scholarly endeavors by aiding in the quest for novel insights and guiding your research. Stay tuned to discover how this tool can unlock the potential of trends in academic exploration.

Brief Overview

Here is a brief look into this platform:

  • Purpose: Exploding Topics is a tool that identifies emerging and trending topics in various domains.
  • Keyword Analysis: Analyzes keywords and search queries to determine the popularity and growth potential of a particular trend.
  • User Interface: Features an easy-to-use interface that allows users to explore and learn about emerging topics effortlessly.
  • Data Sources: Gathers data from various online sources to derive insights and predictions about emerging trends.

How does this platform work?

While we know Exploding Topics uses information from 1,000,000+ sources to provide insights, here is a step-by-step guide into the workings of this tool.

#1. Data Aggregation and Collection

Exploding Topics gathers data from social media platforms, search engines, news websites, forums, and other relevant sources across the internet. This data includes mentions, shares, and engagement related to specific topics.

#2. Identification of Emerging Topics

The tool then uses Advanced algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to process and analyze the collected data. Here, the goal is to identify patterns, spikes, or sudden increases in interest and activity related to particular keywords or topics. These patterns help in determining emerging topics.

#3. Trending Topic Prediction

Using the analyzed data and patterns, the platform predicts which topics are likely to trend or become more popular in the near future. This prediction is based on the rate of growth and engagement observed for each topic.

#4. Presentation of Trending Topics

The identified emerging or trending topics are then presented to users in a user-friendly interface. Users can access this information to stay informed about what topics are gaining momentum and plan their content, marketing strategies, or research accordingly.

#5. Historical Trend Analysis

Besides predicting upcoming trends, the platform may provide historical trend analysis to showcase how a particular topic has evolved over time. This helps researchers to understand a trend’s trajectory and potential longevity.

#6. Regular Updates and Monitoring

The system continually updates its predictions and analyses based on real-time data. It monitors changes in trends and updates the list of trending topics to ensure users have the most current and accurate information.

What are the features to look out for?

The following are the features I found helpful:

Trends Database

Please note that you can access the Trends Database for free. But for more insights, you’ll need to upgrade to Pro plans.

The Trends Database provides a comprehensive collection of emerging trends across different domains. Academics can use this database to conduct in-depth research, identify new research areas, and stay updated on what’s currently relevant in their field of study.

My Projects

This feature allows users to organize and track trends that are relevant to their specific projects or interests. Users can effectively manage their research, ideas, and collaborations related to emerging trends in a structured and organized manner.

Trend Search

Trend Search enables users to quickly find specific trends within the vast database. Those in academics can use this feature to find information related to their area of expertise, discover recent studies, and identify gaps in existing research that they could potentially address.

Reports Library

The Reports Library provides in-depth reports and analyses of various trends. Users can gain deeper insights and understanding of trends, helping them make informed decisions, develop strategies, and stay ahead in their respective industries.

Meta Trends

Meta Trends categorize and aggregate related trends. This way, it offers a broader perspective on overarching themes and patterns. Academics uses this information to understand the larger trends shaping their field and adapt their research and educational approaches accordingly.

Weekly Newsletter

Credits: Exploding Topics, Exploding Topics Review
Credits: Exploding Topics

The Exploding Topics Tuesday delivers a curated summary of the most noteworthy trends of the week directly to the user’s inbox. Subscribers stay updated on the latest trends without having to actively search, making it a convenient way to stay informed.

Instant Trend Alerts

Instant Trend Alerts provide real-time notifications about trending topics and emerging trends. This feature enables researchers to quickly adapt their research focus or teaching materials to align with the most current trends and developments.

API Access

API Access allows developers and businesses to integrate trend data directly into their own applications, platforms, or analyses. This empowers them to leverage trend insights and enhance their products or services with up-to-date and relevant trend information.

Trending Startups

Trending Startups highlights emerging and innovative startups in various industries. This feature offers valuable insights for investors, entrepreneurs, and businesses looking to partner with or invest in the next big thing.

Academics can use the information on trending startups to identify potential collaborations, funding opportunities, or even research topics related to entrepreneurial activities. This knowledge can also inspire research on innovation and technology transfer.

Trending Products

Trending Products showcase the latest and most popular products gaining traction in the market. 

Being aware of trending products can help academics understand consumer preferences, technological advancements, and societal needs. This knowledge can inform research and education related to product design, market analysis, and user behavior studies.

My Experience with Exploding Topics

I recently delved into Exploding Topics to unearth growing trends on the internet. Here is my experience:

Exploring and Analyzing Trends

First, I navigated to the Exploding Topics website, eager to explore the trending topics across different industries and niches. The user interface was intuitive and user-friendly. It allowed me to browse through the trending topics, each accompanied by relevant data such as growth score, search volume, and trend trajectory.

I spent considerable time delving into specific categories of interest.  It was fascinating to see how certain trends were rapidly gaining traction, indicating potential opportunities and areas of focus for various projects.

Outcome and Insights

As I delved deeper into the trending topics, I was able to identify several emerging trends that align with my areas of interest. The data provided, such as growth scores and related keywords, proved invaluable in understanding the trajectory and potential of each trend.

The platform provided a comprehensive view of how these trends were evolving over time, which enabled me to make informed decisions about incorporating them into my work. It served as a valuable resource to validate ideas and ensure that I was on the right track with my projects.

Reflection and Future Use

My experience with Exploding Topics was positive. The platform lived up to its promise of surfacing rapidly growing trends. The wealth of information provided enabled me to align my strategies with the ever-changing landscape of trends and consumer interests.

I foresee integrating Exploding Topics into my ongoing trend research routine, utilizing it to stay ahead in various industries and adapt my approach to the dynamic nature of trends. It’s a tool that holds immense potential for anyone keen on innovation and seeking an edge in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Usage in Academia

I also recognized the significant value that Exploding Topics holds for academia. It helps researchers stay informed about the latest trends within their specific academic disciplines. 

This knowledge is invaluable for directing research efforts, aligning research topics with current interests and societal needs, and ultimately contributing to a more relevant and impactful body of academic work.

In my opinion, the application of Exploding Topics in academia has the potential to bridge the gap between academic research and practical, real-world applications. It empowers academic professionals to harness the power of emerging trends and ensure that their work remains pertinent, innovative, and aligned with the evolving needs of society. 

Considering its potential impact, I believe that integrating Exploding Topics into academic research and education strategies is a step towards a more dynamic and forward-thinking academic landscape.

What People Think About Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics has been met with enthusiastic reception, evident from the reviews on Product Hunt.

#1. LaLa Artica, an Indie Maker, expresses the tool’s significance in trend monitoring, stating, “This is a major tool for keeping up with trends. I’ve learned so much from just snippets of information that people are searching for. Major Major find! Love this in my inbox and I read every single episode.”

#2. Jim Burke, Head of Marketing, appreciates the diverse range of trends covered, noting, “Cover the off-the-wall to business practical trends. Often funny, often useful insight into consumer habits and other early trends.”

#3. Justin Thomas Rellosa Buensuceso simply describes it as “Awesome!”

#4. Connie Sifuentes, a Content Writer, finds Exploding Topics to be a valuable tool for generating topic ideas and conducting keyword research, stating, “Great tool for topic ideas & keyword research!”

#5. BradMichelson, Marketing professional at eToro US, provides a detailed review, highlighting Exploding Topics as one of his favorite newsletter subscriptions. He appreciates the Pro subscription, especially valuing the weekly updates and the insightful analysis of emerging trends, particularly appealing to his interest in SEO: 

“Exploding Topics is one of my favourite newsletter subs. 

Got my hands on a Pro subscription and love getting the weekly updates every week. As a bit of an SEO nerd, love digging into their analysis of emerging trends. Highly recommend.”

The reviews showcase a high level of satisfaction with Exploding Topics, emphasizing its value in trend monitoring, insightful trend analysis, and assistance in generating ideas and conducting keyword research.

Exploding Topics Pricing Plans

This platform has three main pricing plans available: Entrepreneur, Investor, and Business. All of these plans are billed annually, meaning you pay for the entire year upfront.

Entrepreneur Plan ($79 per month billed annually)

The Entrepreneur plan is best for individuals looking to stay informed about emerging trends and topics in various industries. It offers insights, trend analysis, and data that can be crucial for entrepreneurial ventures. At $79 per month, this plan provides excellent value for those eager to explore new opportunities.

Investor Plan ($199 per month billed annually)

The Investor plan is tailored for professionals involved in investment and financial sectors. Priced at $199 per month, this plan offers a deeper level of analysis and data. It enables investors to make informed decisions based on emerging trends and potential opportunities.

Business Plan ($499 per month billed annually)

The Business plan is the most comprehensive option, catering to larger enterprises and organizations. Priced at $499 per month, this plan provides advanced analytics, in-depth trend reports, and market insights essential for strategic decision-making. 

It’s a robust solution for businesses seeking a competitive edge through trend analysis.

Trial at $1 for 7 days

In addition to these plans, Exploding Topics also offers a $1 trial plan for those who want to experience the platform before committing to a subscription. 

The trial allows users to explore the features and benefits of the pro plans for a nominal fee of $1. This way, individuals can assess the platform and its value before making a long-term commitment.

Who are the team behind Exploding Topics?

Brian Dean and Josh Howarth lead the team behind Exploding Topics.

Brian Dean is a well-known figure in the digital marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry. He is the founder of Backlinko, a popular online marketing blog. Brian is recognized for his expertise in SEO strategies and content marketing.

Josh Howarth is also a key member of the Exploding Topics team. He is also involved in the development, strategy, or operations of the platform.

Final Thoughts

Exploding Topics serves as a promising tool for academics involved in trend analysis and research. 

If you employ data-driven approaches to predict emerging trends, it offers academics a glimpse into potential areas of growth and interest within their respective fields. 

This can aid researchers in focusing their efforts on timely and relevant topics, aligning their studies with current societal or industry demands. Additionally, it can provide a basis for interdisciplinary exploration and collaboration, fostering a holistic understanding of emerging trends across various domains. 

However, caution should be exercised in interpreting the predictions, acknowledging that trend forecasting is inherently uncertain and may not always align perfectly with academic rigor.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is Exploding Topics, and how does it work?

Exploding Topics is a trend research tool that helps identify emerging and trending topics on the internet. It uses data analysis and machine learning to sift through online conversations, search trends, and content engagement to identify topics that are gaining traction.

The tool provides insights into these trending topics, helping marketers, content creators, and businesses stay ahead of trends and tailor their strategies accordingly.

Q2. How is Exploding Topics different from Google Trends?

Exploding Topics and Google Trends both offer insights into emerging trends, but their approaches and focuses differ. Exploding Topics focuses on identifying topics that are just starting to gain popularity, often before they peak in search interest.

On the other hand, Google Trends primarily shows the search interest in a particular topic over time, allowing users to see trends and patterns in search behavior.

Q3. Can Exploding Topics be used for market research and content planning?

Yes, Exploding Topics is an excellent tool for market research and content planning. It provides valuable insights into trending topics, allowing businesses to tailor their content, marketing strategies, and product offerings to align with current and upcoming trends. This can help in maximizing reach, engagement, and ultimately, conversions.

Q4. Is Exploding Topics free to use, or does it require a subscription?

Exploding Topics offers both free and subscription-based plans. The free version provides limited access to trending topics, while the subscription-based plans offer more comprehensive features and insights. 

The paid plans typically include additional functionalities such as historical data, advanced filtering options, and custom alerts, making it a valuable tool for serious trend analysis and research.

Q5. How frequently is the data updated on Exploding Topics?

The data on Exploding Topics is updated regularly to ensure the information is current and reflective of the most recent trends. 

The frequency of updates can vary, but it’s usually done on a daily or weekly basis to capture the latest emerging topics and changes in trend patterns accurately. This helps users stay informed about the evolving landscape of trending topics.

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