How To Write The Integer Number Symbol In LaTeX?

How To Write The Integer Number Symbol In LaTeX?

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This article aims to show you the simplest and easiest way to write the integer number symbol in LaTeX.

As is common with the integer numbers symbol in logic and computer science, set theory has many applications in these fields. Today we will talk about its notation and how to write it in LaTeX.

Mathematical Symbols for Numbers

Mathematics, as we already know, deals with numbers and at some point some figure out symbols and notations to differentiate each type -integers, naturals, rational, complex- this classification is what we call the set of numbers. 

Sets of numbers.

Each one of them has some characteristics, and they can be shared across different numbers sets. 

Integer Numbers: natural numbers, zero and negative numbers

For this occasion we focus on the integer numbers, denoted by a “Z” written using the blackboard bold font. This number set can be divided into three more number sets, the natural numbers set, the zero and the negative natural numbers set.

Integer number symbol in LaTeX : Integers divided in 3 parts, positive, negative and zero
Integers divided in 3 parts, positive, negative and zero

The integers are colloquially defined as the numbers that you can write them without a fractional component, they are also called the “counting numbers”.

Z is a subset of Q (rational numbers), which in turn is a subset of R (real numbers).

Integer number symbol in LaTeX : The subset relation between numbers set
The subset relation between numbers set

Integer Number in LaTeX

To write this symbol or sign in LaTeX, we need to load either the amssymb or amsfonts package, either one works. Once loaded we call the command \mathbb{}, this command takes one value as argument. 

This command writes the argument in blackboard bold font, for our particular case, it will be a Z, thus the final command would look like \mathbb{Z}. For example

%either one is valid
    Integers numbers: $\mathbb{Z}$
Integer number symbol in LaTeX : Integer numbers symbol/sign
Integer numbers symbol/sign

Now we can also use the same command for others sets of numbers, such as

%either one is valid
    Integer positive numbers: $\mathbb{Z}^{+}$ %to add a superscript
    Integer negative numbers: $\mathbb{Z}^{-}$ %negative superscript
    Natural numbers: $\mathbb{N}$
    Rational numbers: $\mathbb{Q}$
    Random Letter: $\mathbb{Y}$ %any letter you may like
Integer number symbol in LaTeX : List of sets
List of sets

As you can see, you can use \mathbb{N} or \mathbb{Q} or even \mathbb{Y}, it accepts any letter. But please be careful, it is case sensitive so in order to generate the desired output, the letter must be capital.

This mathematical notation has been used for quite a long time, and now you know how to write it in your LaTeX documents. There could be more notations, but you must look at the answers alone (psss… google is your friend), who knows maybe you will have your own set of numbers in the future with your favorite letter.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful and as always keep writing in LaTeX.

All images were created in LaTeX by the author

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