Jasper AI Review

Jasper AI Review

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Is the Jasper AI writing tool worth it? How good is Jasper AI for writing technical papers? Does it work well for academic purposes?

If you have any questions above, you have come to the right Jasper AI Review!

Bottom line: 

The Jasper AI works for technical papers and academic content. Our test results prove it to be one of the best AI writing tools in the current market. Depending on your purpose and experience, Jasper can help you write more, better, and faster. 

If you decide to go with Jasper, go with the Boss Mode. Boss Mode allows you to create content in a document with commands and recipes instead of piece-mealed templates. Boss Mode is also more likely to write more relevant content with reference to your input, allowing Jasper to learn more about your writing style and preferences. 

We have 10,000 words FREE  for you to test here

Table of Contents

#1. Quick Intro

How is this Jasper AI Review article different?

Reviews on Jasper abound, but few offer an academic user’s perspective. The purpose of this article is to examine the utility of this tool for academic users, focusing on professional researchers, PhDs. or students in general.

A simple definition of Academic Writing

Academic writing is a type of writing that is done in an academic setting, such as in college or university. It is often used to discuss research or to present findings. Academic writing typically follows a specific structure and style, which varies depending on the academic discipline.

My experience with Jasper AI

I have been for Jasper AI for academic writing since Oct 2021. I went for the Boss Mode, which costs more than the Starter plan. As I suggest people test the tool first before committing, I use the monthly plan and am considering the annual plan as I build up my habit and skills using Jasper. 

There are three options for writing:

  1. You write it yourself
  2. You get someone to write it
  3. You use a tool to help you write some of it

My experience with all three. 

  • Option 1: You write it yourself- This is the most affordable option, but it can be challenging to do all of the research, formatting, and editing yourself.
  • Option 2: You get someone to write it- This is a more expensive option, but you can be sure that the writing will be high quality. With bad writers, sometimes you feel you have to rewrite most of the content.
  • Option 3: You use a tool to help you write some of it- This is the most affordable and efficient option, as the tool can help with formatting, research, and editing. This option requires you to have discipline and organization skills.

Overall, I believe that using a tool to help with academic writing is the best option. It offers better control (but requires more time). Jasper AI has been a great help to me in writing my papers, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for assistance with their writing.

#2. Pros & Cons of Using Jasper AI

Here is an overview of what I like the most about Jarvis. We will discuss the full sets of features and benefits for researchers in more detail after this. 

✔️Pros – What I like the most

  • One tool, many use. Handle multiple academic writing tasks from asking Jasper to write an outline, draft, poll questions, Quora answers, and your academic network profiles)
  • Breaks the writer’s block and opens up your creative juice as a writer. Jasper won’t give you exactly what you want. But, having a draft to improve upon help, 
  • Works great with a strong outline and bullets as an input to guide Jasper 
  • Supportive FB group. When compared with most Facebook groups, the members of Jasper’s community are responsive and helpful. You will likely get an answer within a day depending on your timezone.
  • Natural, original, plagiarism-free content with an intuitive interface. You can even choose your own tone of voice, e.g., Stephen Hawking. 


  • You still need to do your own research
  • You need to watch Jasper’s writing like a hawk. From the input to output, you need to guide it along every step as it optimizes for control 
  • You need to practice with the tool a bit. Jarvis will NOT give you exactly what you want.  
  • No carry forward for unused credits. I wish it’s more like the Audible model, where you can save up the credit later on. 
  • Limited rewriting functions. The summary and paraphrasing function can only handle a limited word count (<30 words) and is not very good compared with other rewriting tools.
  • Jasper has only trained with 10% of web content from upto 2014. This means you should not rely on Jasper to be accurate with its facts. You should always check its fact. 

Who will love Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is a robust AI-integrated writing software that guarantees effective content delivery – so you need not have to worry if the outcome is worth reading or not! 

  1. If you write for a living: This tool makes business sense as an addition to your professional writing process.
  2. If you’ve been that your writing needs “more personality, Jasper can inject a more dynamic personality into your writing.  
  3. If you want to write more creatively, Jasper provides 50+ templates with different purposes, e.g., persuasive bullet points, personalized emails
  4. If using better tools and techniques is your goal, and you can put in the time to learn how Jasper works, this tool is for you.
  5. If you want to improve your writing, not just paying for work done for you or just seeing a bunch of improvement areas from Grammarly. 

Who might not like Jasper?

Honestly, sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with Jasper. It’s a new tool so occasionally you will feel stuck with Jasper as it repeats itself. 

So here is a warning…

  1. It’s not for traditionalists: I have huge respect for my good writers who don’t use AI tools at all. If you can focus primarily on writing and are happy with your work, you probably don’t need jasper.
  2. It’s not for perfectionists: If you prefer things to get done in a certain way. 
  3. Not for the impatient: If you don’t plan to learn how to use an AI tool like Jasper, then this tool might disappoint.
  4. Not for inexperienced: If you don’t plan to write regularly or become a better writer, then I would say this tool is not for you
  5. It’s not automatic or outsourcing: Jasper is not auto at all. It’s actually quite manual for me. This is not a writer who will give you a professionally executed article.

#3. My suggestions to academic users to get the most out of the Jasper AI Software

Understand and test the tool before committing

The Jasper AI software is a powerful tool that can help researchers and academics achieve their goals. However, it is important to understand how the software works before committing time and resources. The software should be tested first to ensure that it meets the needs of the user. 

Write your own hypothesis about Jasper (set up your checkpoint and exit points)

By having clear objectives to achieve with the Jasper AI writing tool, one can get the most out of it. It is also important to write your own hypothesis about Jasper and take note of its templates and features. Additionally, consider what needs to be true for you to continue to pay for Jasper.

This could include getting a response to your email or writing materials in a different way. By taking these steps, academic users can get the most out of the Jasper AI software.

Have a writing plan and incorporate Jasper.

By having a plan on how to use the Jasper AI writing tool, users can get more out of its features and templates. This will help them to better achieve their research or academic goals. Additionally, having a plan can help users to better utilize the software’s capabilities and get more value for their money.

Practice using Jasper.

In order to get the most out of the Jasper AI writing tool, users will need to practice using it. This will allow them to familiarize themselves with its features and how it can help them achieve their goals. Additionally, practicing with the software will help users to better utilize its capabilities and get more value for their money.

Watch the Jasper AI Academy

There are many past recordings of advanced training available on the Jasper AI Academy. I have selected a few relevant to academic users here:

“Welcome to the Jasper AI Bootcamp”

I encourage you to check out how this video below.

Kyle is amazing at teaching with his highly engaging style. You can see the Dashboard, Templates, Documents, and Projects.  

“Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile To Build Authority & Convert Sales”

From around 22mins, Nate has some very good advice on how to polish up your LinkedIn profile. Although it’s focused on sales, you will be wise to convert it into selling your ideas and highlight why it matters. This is way beyond the traditional Linkedin advice from school…

#4. Deep Dive – Jasper AI Features & Benefits 

This is the meatiest section of the entire Jasper AI review, which is organized into two parts: 

  • The 52 Templates in the Starter Plan 
  • The key additional functions in the Boss Mode

Jasper AI Review Part I. Starter Plan (Access to 50+ Templates) with Jasper AI Examples for Academic Users

A note on the technical Jasper AI review on the Starter Plan:

In the Starter Plan, I have tested each and every one of the 52 templates available in the Starter Plan. You will find my input, output, and my assessment of its performance. 

This is not meant to be scientific or replicable. Rather, this is a case study in the form of a Jasper AI review. 

Also, the quality reflects not just how good Jasper is, but the input of the operator – us in this case. And, I would be the first to admit that our input was not average. And, we don’t always feed relevant input to Jasper AI. 

Also, we set the output to only 1 in most cases, which is limiting and demanding as it requires Jasper AI to hit the bullseye in a shot.

In terms of input, we initially wanted to test how Jasper works with technical content such as Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper on Bitcoin. You can see that I used its abstract for “ product description” and Bitcoin for “Company” in most of the templates in the beginning.

We later varied the topic to better suit the template’s design because you don’t just use the Swiss 

✅denotes the ones that should be useful for most academic users
❓denotes the wildcard that could be useful for some academic users
⚠️denotes the ones that I find less irrelevant for most academic users

#1. ✅AIDA Framework – Use the oldest marketing framework in the world. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Input: Whitepaper abstract for “product description” and Bitcoin for “Company” 

Here is the output:

Image: author at scijournal.org 

Feedback = 🙂Jasper seems to be able to capture the essence of the idea in the abstract. Just tone down the salesy language for academic papers.

#2. ✅PAS Framework – Problem-Agitate-Solution. A valuable framework for creating new marketing copy ideas.

Input: Whitepaper abstract for “product description” and Bitcoin for “Company”.  

Here is the output:

Feedback =🙂 Jasper was able to capture the essence of the idea. I like to build on what Jasper provides instead of just using its input.

#3. ✅Content improver – Take a piece of content and rewrite it to make it more interesting, creative, and engaging.

Input: Whitepaper abstract for “product description” and Bitcoin for “Company”.  

Feedback =🤔 Jasper misses the core thesis in Nakamoto’s original text.

#4. ✅Product description – Create compelling product descriptions to be used on websites, emails, and social media.

Input: Whitepaper abstract for “product description” and Bitcoin for “Company”.  

Here is the output:

Image: author at scijournal.org 

Feedback =🙂 Personally, I would never be able to write something like this. It’s a bit salesy to me, but it looks like the kind of writing people might respond to… 

#5. ✅Blog Post Topic Ideas – Brainstorm new blog post topics that will engage readers and rank well on Google.

Input: Whitepaper abstract for “product description” and Bitcoin for “Company”. I set the output to 3 for more topic ideas. You might want to set to 1 to save credits.

Here is the output:

Image: author at scijournal.org 

Feedback =🤔I can see how this can be useful to get ideas for content to build around your research paper. 

#6. ✅Blog Post Outline – Create lists and outlines for articles. Works best for “Listicle” and “How to” style blog posts or articles.


  • Blog post title/topic: Here’s how you can invest in bitcoin (I chose this one based on the output from the last template)
  • Tone of voice: Witty (default)
  • Outputs: 3

Here is the output:

Image: author at scijournal.org 

Feedback =🤔 In the boss mode, you can set up a series of commands such as 1) get Jasper to suggest topic ideas, and then 2) ask Jasper to write an outline for you. But honestly, I would always prefer to do deep research first.

#7. ✅Blog Post Intro Paragraph – Blast through writer’s block by letting ✅Jasper write your opening paragraph for you.

Input: For a change, I used higher education for example here.

  • Blog post title: Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Education (I’m shifting my gear to a topic that sound more “academic”
  • Audience: Scholars, PhDs, Master Students
  • Tone of voice: Casual (default)
  • Output: 1 (Since this tends to take more words and credits)

Here is the output:

Image: author at scijournal.org 

Feedback =🙂 I am pleasantly surprised by this output. Jasper was able to talk about things that happened within 1-2 years.

#8. ✅Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph – Wrap up your blog posts with an engaging conclusion paragraph.

Input:  I used the intro from the previous template and used a simple “call to action”.

Here is the output:

Image: author at scijournal.org 

Feedback =🤔 Not too bad. It makes sense to echo the introduction in the outro. 

#9. ✅Creative Story – Write deliciously creative stories to engage your readers.

Input:  Satoshi Nakamoto is the moniker used by the man who discovered Bitcoin and its underlying technology blockchain.  In spite of the huge success and fame that comes with the invention of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto avoided the limelight. To this day, nobody knows who he really is. 

Here is the output:

Image: author at scijournal.org 

Feedback =🙂  The stuff that Jasper made up is interesting as that story actually occurred when someone claimed to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto. As a strawman for you to take another stab at the story, I think it’s good enough!

#10. ✅Explain It To a Child – Rephrase text to make it easier to read and understand. Or, if you use Reddit, this is ELI5.

Input: Bitcoin whitepaper abstract. Grade Level: 6.

Here is the output:

Image: author at scijournal.org 

Feedback =😕You can see the issues with the lack of ability to freeze some words. As a result, Jasper focuses on the HOW and misses on the WHY in the abstract of this sample thesis. 

#11. ✅Sentence Expander – Expand a short sentence or a few words into a longer sentence that is creative, interesting, and engaging.

Input: Bitcoin ability to cut the middle man. The tone of voice: Dark (I wonder what it will give me…)

Here is the output:

Image: author at scijournal.org 

Feedback =🙂 I’m happy with this. I think Jasper strengthens my sentence quite a bit. 

#12. ⚠️Facebook ad headline – Generate scroll-stopping headlines for your Facebook Ads to get prospects to click, and ultimately buy.

Input: Jasper AI (jazz things up without too much crypto). I wrote a simple product description. But, I don’t have an example for Jasper. 

Here is the output:

Image: author at scijournal.org 

Feedback =🤔 This output sucks, Jasper. I think my input is quite clear. Not impressed.

#13. ⚠️Facebook ad primary text – Create high converting copy for the “Primary Text” section of your Facebook ads.

Input: Jasper AI

Here is the output:


Image: author at scijournal.org 

Feedback =🙂 

I’m happy with this as a Starter Plan. As a Boss Mode user, I can see how this will be more powerful when you specify the audience. 

#14. ⚠️Google ads headline – Create high converting copy for the “Headlines” section of your Google Ads.

Input: I kept everything the same to see the difference between a Facebook ad and Google ads.

Here is the output:

Image: author at scijournal.org 

Feedback =🤔

Now I get it. The headline is meant to be succinct. It’s almost like a call to action. Short and powerful.

#15. ⚠️Google ads description – Create high converting copy for the “Description” section of your Google Ads.

Input: Same as above.

Here is the output:

Image: author at scijournal.org 

Feedback =🤔I was expecting more in a description.

#16. ⚠️Google My Business – What’s New Post – Generate What’s New post updates for Google My Business.

Input: I used a copy from NASA’s paper on global warming. 

Here is the output:

Image: author at scijournal.org 

Feedback =🤔 This could look weird if you don’t have a need for a Google update as a business.

#17. ⚠️Google My Business – Event Post – Generate event details for your Google My Business event posts.

Input: I used an imaginary health policy conference. 


Feedback =🤔 The event details don’t seem very useful.

#18. ⚠️Google My Business – Product Description – Generate product descriptions for your Google My Business.

Input: Abstract of the Nakamoto paper.


Feedback =🤔 A bit repetitive.

#19. ⚠️Google My Business – Offer Post – Generate offer details for your Google My Business offer posts.

Input: Bitcoin and Abstract of the Nakamoto paper.


Feedback =🤔 Not sure what to make of this. My description is not an offer. So, garbage in, garbage out. 

#20. ⚠️Amazon product features (bullets) – Create key feature and benefit bullet points for Amazon listings under the “about this item” section.

Input: Bitcoin and Abstract of the Nakamoto paper.


Feedback =🙂 The output is pretty good for one to improve on.

#21. ⚠️Amazon product description (paragraph) – Create compelling product descriptions for Amazon listings. The output is typically paragraph form, but the style will vary.

Input: Bitcoin and Abstract of the Nakamoto paper.

Feedback =🙂 The output is pretty good for me.

#22. ⚠️Perfect Headline – Trained with formulas from the world’s best copywriters, this template is sure to create high-converting headlines for your business.

Input: Bitcoin and Abstract of the Nakamoto paper.


Feedback =🤔 The output seems similar to my own input.

#23. ⚠️Website sub-headline – Create delightfully informative sub-headlines (H2) for your websites and landing pages.

Input: Bitcoin and Abstract of the Nakamoto paper.


Feedback =🤔 Not relevant to academic users. Poor output may be due to the lack of good examples. 

#24. ⚠️[Instagram] Photo post captions – Write catchy captions for your Instagram posts.

Input: Bitcoin and the Nakamoto white paper


Feedback =🤔 Not relevant to academic users. But interesting to see taht Jasper picked up the peer-to-peer without my input. 

#25. ⚠️Jasper.ai Testimonial Helper – Use this template to generate testimonials for Jasper.ai.

Input: I used the Pros section in this article.


Feedback =🤔 Jasper made up some facts here. The output is incomplete, making it a bit useless because I can’t use this output. 

#26. ⚠️Marketing angles – Brainstorm different angles to add vibrancy to your marketing.

Input: Bitcoin and the Nakamoto white paper


Feedback =🙂 I like the punchiness of the output. The ability to boil an idea down to its essence is usually where academic users fall short.

#27. ✅Persuasive bullet points – Generate persuasive bullet points to insert into landing pages, emails, and more.

Input: Bitcoin and the Nakamoto white paper


Feedback =🙂 I like the output here.

#28. ❓Video Topic Ideas – Brainstorm new video topics that will engage viewers and rank well on YouTube.

Input: Electronic Cash + A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System


Feedback =🙂 I was expecting this to be irrelevant. I had such limited input that Jasper was able to use its own database.

#29.❓Video Script Outline – Create script outlines for your videos. Works best for “Listicle” and “How to” style videos.

Input: How Bitcoin is created and how to keep track of your balances 


Feedback =🙂 I can imagine this to be useful if I needed an outline to work on. 

#30.❓Video Titles – Create engaging, click-worthy titles for your videos that will rank on YouTube.

Input: How Bitcoin is created and how to keep track of your balances 


Feedback =🙂 I can imagine this to be useful if I needed an outline to work on. 

#31. ❓Video Script Hook and Introduction – Create a video intro that will capture your viewer’s attention and compel them to watch all the way through.

Input: What is science journal impact factor 


Feedback =🙂 Not too bad as it makes me think about new angles about a topic.

Input: What is the science journal impact factor and what does it mean to you


Feedback =🙂 I’m delighted whenever Jasper uses its own brain and gives me accurate info (which is not always the case)

#33. ⚠️Review Responder – Write responses to public customer reviews that are winsome, professional, and delightful.

Input: Manual Script Editors (I made this up)


Feedback =🙂 I would want to try this with my performance review or even peer reviews. 

#34. ✅Personalized Cold Emails – Write cold emails that actually work and get responses.

Input: I use scijournal.org to see what things could look like.


Feedback =🙂 I would want to open this email if I were the receiving end!

#35. ✅Email Subject Lines – Write compelling email subject lines that get readers to open.

Input: I use scijournal.org to see what things could look like.


Feedback =🤔 This email subject line is more like a website headline. Not sure.

#36. ⚠️SEO – Blog Posts – Title and Meta Descriptions – Write SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions for blog posts that will rank well on Google.

Input: What is the science journal impact factor and how does it affect you


Feedback =🙂 If you have a science blog for your research field, this could be useful. 

#37. ⚠️SEO – Homepage – Title and Meta Descriptions – Write SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions for homepages that will rank well on Google.

Input: I used the output from the cold email template


Feedback =🤔 Nothing too useful in this case. 

#38. ⚠️SEO – Product Page – Title and Meta Descriptions – Write SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions that will rank well on Google for product pages.

Input: I used the output from the cold email template


Feedback =🤔 Can’t judge since I don’t have any product description for input. 

#39. ⚠️SEO – Services Pages – Title and Meta Descriptions – Write SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions that will rank well on Google for company services pages.

Input: I used the output from the cold email template


Feedback =🤔 The out adds a bit more context but is a bit off. 

#40. ✅Company Bio – Tell your company’s story with a captivating bio.

Input: Using our own “About Page” which is due for a big update.


Feedback =🤔 I find the input limit of 600 characters too restrictive. It feels that I have to have a good summary to make this template useful.

#41. ✅Personal Bio – Write a creative personal bio that captures attention.

Input: Using my own bio for an example


Feedback =🙂 Not bad. I like it. 

#42. ✅Feature to Benefit – Turn your product features into benefits that compel action.

Input: Using a sample text about our site.


Feedback =🙂 Not bad as food for thought. The input field is easy to fill when you don’t have any points about your product. But I imagine if you have points about your feature, then you might wish for a separate field. 

#43. ✅Before-After-Bridge Framework – Create marketing copy using the BAB framework. Before, After, Bridge.

Input: Using a sample text about our site.


Feedback =🙂 This is interesting. Because it actually provides some interesting content for us to update this site.

#44. ✅Unique Value Propositions – Create a clear statement that describes the benefit of your offer in a powerful way.

Input: Again we are using a sample intro about our site.


Feedback =🙂 Not bad as food for thought.

#45. ⚠️Real Estate Listing – Residential – Creative captivating real estate listings that sell homes quickly.

Input: This is really irrelevant for you. But, we used our site intro just to see what Jasper does.


Feedback =🤔 This is a great example of how Jasper gives you gibberish. Because this template or skill is trained with real estate listing and Jasper AI writes based on its past training with the risk of citing irrelevant facts.

#46. ⚠️Pinterest Pin Title & Description – Create great Pinterest pin titles and descriptions that drive engagement, traffic, and reach.

Input: Again we are using a sample intro about our site.


Feedback =🙂 I can see how this could be a useful and quick way to generate a few ideas with the increase of outputs.

#47. ✅Press Release Title & Intro – Write the opening paragraph of a press release that people will actually want to read.

Input: Again we are using a sample intro about our site.


Feedback =🙂 This can be useful when you have just published a new article or research paper.


#48. ✅Engaging Questions – Ask your audience creative questions to increase engagement.

Input: We used a hypothetical question


Feedback =🙂 This can be useful when you looking for ideas for a research question. 

#49. ✅Quora Answers – Intelligent answers for tough questions.

Input: We used a hypothetical question with an incomplete answer just to see how Jasper AI reacts.


Feedback =🙂 This is an interesting start. But the answer is way too short. That’s why we recommend using the Jasper Boss Mode for long-form content creation. 

#50. ✅Text Summarizer – Get the key point from a piece of text.

Input: We used a text from one of our articles on scijournal.org. 


Feedback =🙂 It’s actually not too bad in this case. 

 #51. ✅Business or Product Name – Generate a winning name for your business or product.

Input: We used a hypothetical question with an incomplete answer just to see how Jasper AI reacts.


Feedback =🤔 I would not use Jasper AI for naming.

#52. ✅Poll Questions & Multiple Choice Answers – Engage your community and get to know them on a deeper level. Create questions with multiple choice answers.

Input: Trade relationship with China (pretend we are political scientists)


Feedback =🙂 It’s actually not too bad if need some inspiration for wording choices.

Jasper AI Review Part II. Boss Mode

Boss Mode has a number of functions that make it a more superior tool than the Starter Plan

Long-Form Assistant = Word-like Document

It’s a workplace like Google Docs. Below is what it looks like.

Image: author at scijournal.org 

50,000 monthly credit = words Jasper can write for you

Your word limit is determined by the plan you choose. 50,000 is a good amount of credit to start using Jasper to generate AI content, write blog posts, and other long-form content. 

The long-form assistant allows you to use the Jasper AI app to give you topic ideas, blog post outlines, and generate AI content for you.

If you have signed up for the FREE trial but don’t know where to start, consider using the Jasper Certificate as a goal to make your learning meaningful. 

Make use of the Jasper AI Bootcamp and learn how to use the long form assistant. 

But, as of today, you would be disappointed if you expect Jasper AI works like Tony Stark’s AI assistant JARVIS.

You can write commands as you talk to a person in the Jasper Boss Mode, but it doesn’t support voice commands just yet. 

Image: author at scijournal.org 

Lookback Word Limit = Ability to understand context  

Jasper Boss Mode can read the past 2000-3000 characters of text to choose what to write next, whereas the Starter plan only allows for 600 characters.
Sometimes this might make Jasper repetitive. So, watch out. 

Jasper Commands = Access templates with simple phrases

With a command, tell Jasper what to write, and then see him magically generate your article. This is the “>Write why Jasper AI Boss Mode is better than the Starter Plan” Or you can say “>Write a cold email to XYZ about ABC”

Jasper Recipes = Outlines + Predefined commands (NOT automated)

In simple terms, Jasper recipes outline a specific type of content with commonly used commands that can guide you through the content creation process. 

But, don’t be fooled by the wording “Run”. Jasper’s artificial intelligence is not set up to let you run a bunch of commands. I suspect its artificial intelligence CAN do it already, but it will create all sorts of problems from content direction and credit calculation.

Just imagine if you can only react to Jasper’s work when it’s already written  500 or 1,000 words and you don’t like it at all. It will start to feel like a human error if you have ever hired a writer. 

So, now you know how Jasper’s artificial intelligence is set up. It’s best for you to give commands one by one yourself and watch the AI copywriting tool like a hawk.

Jasper Recipes Tutorial: 

Here is how I would operate the recipes. 

Step 1. Go to the Recipes and see if there is anything useful, e.g., Cold Email. 

Step 2. Hit run, then you will see a document with predefined commands and instructions like this.

Step 3. Fill in the blank – pretend I am looking to publish my medical masterpiece. 

Step 4. Execute the commands. 

Step 5. Check and adjust the results.

Compose Button = Write, don’t overthink

With the Starter plan, you must write numerous words each time you create new material with Jasper. Some people love this function. Because if you run out of ideas to write. 

Just hit compose and see what Jasper has for the next sentence. If you don’t like it, try changing the tone of voice or add an advert before the command, e.g., >Passionately write XYZ or >Professionally write about XYZ

Supported languages

Jasper.ai provides 26 different languages and allows greater exposure to the audience. It is a free software application for reading, writing, translating and speaking in many languages. Sweden, and China. 

I’m curious about its Chinese skills. To test it, 1) I added the content from boss mode section and 2) I simply hit “Compose”.

Here is what it gives me.

Image: author at scijournal.org 

I think it’s quite interesting because it looks like Jasper has decided to write a summary about the Boss Mode. 

Content Enhancer

Jasper AI provides “Content Enhancer” which helps to quickly change content to improve its content. Content improvement templates can help you update your old blog posts and make them look new again. This is an excellent example of using the content improvement software by Jasper. 

So, without having to search for a template, you can simply access it on the top bar “Power Mode” in the Long Form Assitant. 

Let’s see how it performs. 

Image: author at scijournal.org 

The output is largely influenced by the “funny” tone of voice. Jasper tried. 

#5. How does Jasper AI work?

Simple, Jasper uses AI algorithms to produce human-like texts that are used for writing compelling content for blog posts. Jasper uses GPTT-3 (a language model that is aggressive) created by OpenAI, an AI research laboratory in San Francisco. 

If you are using the Boss Mode, the best way to start is NOT to go straight to a new document. Your brain might go will blank like the document.

We discussed how to generate AI content using Jasper in Section #4 above. 

#6. How good is Jasper AI’s output?

As you can see in our detailed review on each function of the AI tool, the answer really is “it depends”. For serious writers, the starter mode will likely be inadequate. The AI copywriting tool is best with its long-form editor in the Jasper Boss Mode. 

You will only be able to get the full natural language processing power in the boss mode plan. 

The video script hook and video description may not seem relevant at first. But, as you can see in our test of the AI tool, you will be surprised at times. Depending on your need, you might like some templates better than others, e.g., landing pages, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Real Estat, social media posts, or blog post outline.

#7. How much does Jasper AI cost?

Pricing Plans

Jasper offers a couple of pricing options that can also be purchased here. Let’s go through this list and pick a plan that best meets your needs in an easy way.

You can choose from 2 tiers: the first plan ($29) and the boss mode plan ($59). In Jasper’s Starter plan, Jasper writes short forms using more than 50 templates. 

Consider the Boss Mode, you plan to use Jasper AI to write long-form – write blog articles or create web content. This is the only way to feel the power of artificial intelligence and AI copywriting tools.

The Starter Plan

Let’s start with what Starter Plan does include here.

The starter package is perfect for newbies looking for AI software. A free Starter package from Jasper can help create a lot of short-form content like a headline, a brief review of products, a review of products on Facebook and many other sites, and more. Characteristics of Starting Plans.

  • 50+ short-form coypwriting templates are available.
  • 20,000 words for credit.
  • Jasper can read the preceding 600 characters of text in order to know what to write next.
  • There is no access to the Long Form Assistant.
  • There is no access to Jasper commands.
  • There is no access to Jasper Recipes.

Starter vs. Boss Mode

Here I will focus on what Boss Mode has that Starter doesn’t. More importantly, I will talk about what and how any of that difference matters.

  • Documents Useful – I write mostly in GDoc and I don’t use Jasper as a master for my documents. 
  • Jasper CommandsVery Useful – These are like shortcuts to the template but instead of going to a template of PAS, you simply tell Jasper to “Write PAS about topic [X].” 
  • SEO Mode Useful but you need to pay for your own Surfer subscription 
  • RecipesUseful – Recipes are like templates with outline and commands for you to execute
  • Plagiarism Checker Useful – this is integrated within the document as you use Jasper to write 
  • Grammarly Useful especially if you don’t have Grammarly separately 

Monthly vs. Annual Payment

MonthlyYearly WordsSavings
Starter$29/month$24/month20,000$5 or 16%
Boss Mode$59/month$49/month50,000$10 or 16%
Boss vs. Starter $30 or 2X more$25 or 2X more30,000 words or 2.5X more

Jasper AI Free Trial

Jasper offers a free trial with 10,000-word credits. When you get started today your account will be instantly loaded with credits FREE

The free version comes the following:

  • Long Form content
  • 3,000 Character Lookback
  • Jasper AI Command 
  • Jasper AI Recipes
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Grammarly
  • 50+ Copywriting Templates
  • 25+ Supported Languages
  • Priority Chat Support

Grab the free account and test if Jasper lives to the hype. 

#8. Jasper AI Overview

What is Jasper AI(Jarvis AI, Conversion AI)?

Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis AI) is an automated copywriting tool that helps write blogs and content on the Web. 

It’s a useful and effective tool for anyone looking to complete their content. You can easily generate highly successful conversion sales & marketing messages using this application. 

It employs AI technology comparable to Shopify, Salesforce, Hubspot and others. The app also provides 5 days for free with 1000 credits.

Jarvis AI has rebranded to Jasper AI

Jarvis AI has re-branded (again) Jasper. 

Before Jarvis, its name was Conversion.ai, which is focused on sales conversion. As they expand their capabilities and use cases, they have changed to Jarvis.

You’ll recall that Tony Stark’s assistant in “Ironman” was also named J.A.R.V.I.S. 

Because of this strong brand association, Marvel attorneys reached out to Jarvis AI for potential infringement issues. 

So, Jarvis AI had to change its name. 

And, Jasper was the result. 

Who is Jasper?

Jasper is a friendly AI copywriting robot developed by Jasper.ai (formerly Jarvis.ai). Jasper is a copy-writing machine – literally. 

He has 100% remote work for seven days a week and never slows down. 

Well, but when Jasper.ai has scaling problems when people use it simultaneously… and he stops accelerating. 

Is there any blame on this man? 

Try writing 2,000 words at a time and your energy levels will increase. No worries though, because Jasper’s excellent AI teams will always take care of any issues if they arise.

Who is behind Jasper?

A group of highly engaged employees. 

Image: Jasper Company Website 

Currently, Jasper.ai has a team consisting of Austin Distel (CMO), JP Morgan (Co-founding CTO), Chris Hull (Co-founding CFO), and Dave Rogenmosers “the tall guy” (CEO). 

Image: Dave Rogenmosers (CEO); LinkedIn

Image: JP Morgan (CTO); LinkedIn

Image: Austin Distel, CMO; LinkedIn

Jasper’s Company Value

Image: Jasper Company Website

There are 4 value Jasper lives by:

  • Be customer obsessed
  • Be a team player
  • Be scrappy
  • Own it

There is a clear difference between Jasper’s corporate values and the traditional corporate values. Jasper’s values are customer obsession, team player, scrappy, and own it. These values are concise and easy to remember, while the traditional corporate values are long-winded and nobody cares.

Each company has its own issues. It just seems that smaller companies are more open about them, have less hierarchy, and have people who care.

You are more likely to be able to speak to a human, not a robot who recites a company policy if you use products from such a company. Humans are more likely to care, do the extra, and delight their customers.

Jasper as the best company to work for in Austin (3 years in a row)

Image: Jasper Company Website

This is proof that Jasper puts a lot of emphasis on people and culture. 

Just like Kyle’s video training, Jarvis people are engaging and relatable. 

Jasper seems to be a place full of humans with pride in their product and culture. 

This likely means Jasper AI will keep on improving and delighting you, the customer. 

#9. What do others say about Jasper AI reviews?

Expert Reviews

  • The Trustpilot: 4.9 out of 5 stars 
  • Capterra: 4.9 out of 5 stars 
  • G2: 4.9 out of 5 stars 

User feedback

If you read this far, you are probably numb with positive reviews on Jasper. So, for a highly regarded product, we intentionally seek out the critical comments that could help the company improve.

They are critical by nature but don’t represent the majority (the majority is 4.9 out of 5 stars).

⭐⭐⭐ “It’s hard to use and really expensive. Everything it constructs is just repeats of previous construction.” – Trav Ford

⭐⭐After using the software more frequently, I find that it does NOT generate content conducive to a high-quality blog. It will provide ideas or suggestions, but it is NOT an auto-pilot type of solution. Be prepared to write the bulk of your blog articles from personal experience. This software will not do it all for you. – review on G2.com

⭐⭐Jarvis will make up facts, opinions, features that don’t actually exist – perhaps as a placeholder intended for replacement with real facts or features. But this would be almost as time-consuming as starting from scratch. – review on G2.com 

⭐ Jarvis.ai is like a brilliant criminal in a movie that you scratch your head thinking if they just put that effort toward something useful, they’d be great. Except for the premise of AI writing and Jarvis can never BE great or even very useful. – review on G2.com 

#10. Jasper AI alternatives

Below is a list of Jasper alternatives frequently mentioned in the market. 

We will write an in-depth AI review on a selected few.

  • CloserCopy
  • Copysmith
  • Writesonic
  • Smith.ai

#11. Final thoughts: can Jasper AI be used for academic purposes?

Jasper can be extremely useful if you know how to use it as just ONE of the writing tools in your own arsenal. Just like any good tool, Jasper takes learning and has its own strengths and limitations. 

The experts use it to overcome writer’s block rather than relying on it as the only tool for content creation. Others find success with using recipes to train their own assistants to use the AI tool for mass content creation. 

However, having an AI assistant is not the same as having a human assistant write content for you. None of the current AI writing tools can do this for you. Using Jasper as an AI writing software is a skill that comes with a certificate.

Finally, my view is that Jasper Boss Mode does make it EASIER to write quality content, especially when you are writing long-form content. 

It makes you more comfortable with writing. 

I hope this LONG article has been helpful for you. 

Tell us your thoughts on Jasper. Are you facing any difficulty? Would you like us to write more Jasper tutorials?

#12. FAQs

Does Jasper AI offer a free trial?

Yes. Jasper offers a free trial with 10,000-word credits. When you get started today your account will be instantly loaded with credits FREE

What happens if I hit my plan’s word limit?

Jasper gives you credits for 20,000 words for the Starter Plan and 50,000 words for Boss Mode. If you run out, you have two options:

Option 1: Increase the monthly limit.

Make adjustments as content demands develop. As you grow, the price per word drops. Unused words do not carry over.

Option 2: Buy an additional pack that you can save up if not used.

Need to accomplish a task? Purchase a never-expiring bonus word set. The price per word decreases with a monthly plan. Bonus packs are typically $30 for 30,000 words. Bonus pack words roll over every month.

What AI does Jarvis AI use?

So, I will let Jarvis answer you itself.

The artificial intelligence of Jarvis AI is fueled by a combination of machine learning and natural language processing.

–> Machine Learning: The backbone on which the system performs its predictions, this is an area that has seen explosive growth thanks to the ever-increasing availability of computer power. Not only are computers more powerful than they were ten years ago, but the software available for training machine learning models has become more user-friendly.

–> Natural Language Processing: This is the branch of AI that deals with understanding human language. In order to be able to provide accurate predictions, Jarvis AI needs to be able to understand the context of a conversation. NLP is used to help the system make sense of questions and comments, as well as to parse through data in order to find the most relevant information.

With these two components working together, Jarvis AI is able to provide accurate predictions for a wide range of topics. The system is constantly learning and expanding its capabilities, so it will only get better at providing useful information over time.

Does Jarvis / Jasper AI plagiarize?

The official website’s answer: The content that Jasper generates is original content that doesn’t repeat itself and passes plagiarism tests with 99.99% original content that is free and clear for publication. If you’d like to know for yourself, we built a plagiarism checker right inside Jasper Docs using the world’s best scanner Copyscape!

Jasper’s answer: There is no evidence that Jarvis AI plagiarizes. The code is open source, and there are no claims of originality on the project page. Furthermore, the code has been available since late 2015, well before Jasper AI was released. If there was any evidence of plagiarism, it would have surfaced by now. Therefore, we can conclude that Jarvis AI does not plagiarize.

Does Jasper also work in other languages?

The official website’s answer: 

Jasper can read and write in over 25 languages by translating using DeepL.

The languages Jasper supports include: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian. Swedish, Chinese.

How much does Jasper AI cost?

The Jasper AI offers a number of price packages based on your needs – Starter/Boss Mode

Depending on your word count and payment plan, Jasper typically costs $29 or $59 a month.

PricingMonthlyYearly WordsSavings
Starter$29/month$24/month20,000$5 or 16%
Boss Mode$59/month$49/month50,000$10 or 16%
Boss vs. Starter $30 or 2X more$25 or 2X more30,000 words or 2.5X more

What’s Jasper’s refund policy?

The official statement is Jasper will refund you by then simply emailing [email protected]. 100% of your money. Refund. No questions asked. 

You can read the full Jasper refund policy here. 

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